What is this NEW Elements Class About???


When: Mondays at 5pm and Wednesdays at 6pm

Our Elements Classes are focused on developing skill work, strength and building a solid foundation for general fitness.  The goal of this class is to help each member work towards mastering the “elements” need to excel in our general CrossFit Classes.  Through attending, your confidence will grow as you progress through each movement methodically in order to obtain the correct form for each movement.  The programming will differ from our general CrossFit classes, but will still be based off of the CrossFit Methodology. Classes will consist of a period of Olympic lift Training (Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Thrusters, Push Press, Power Clean, etc.), the a strength lift (Squat, Press, Deadlift), followed by a WOD consisting of standard CrossFit Movements.  This is not just for the beginner CrossFitter, for even the most seasoned CrossFitter could benefit from spending some extra time making sure they are achieving proper form and proficiency in the basics to help them reach that next level in their fitness.

Take the time to check out this new class how this class will improve your skills and change your performances in our traditional CrossFit Class.  Drop in tonight and try something different!

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