Until Next Time…(A Letter to the CrossFit Annapolis Family)


Bottom line upfront:  I just wish I had found you sooner

I just wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for having found this amazing community.  I can’t really grasp all the ways Crossfit has changed my life, but I will try to mention a few in an effort to adequately capture the impact you’ve all had on my health and well-being.

Starting with the obvious is the physical transformation.  I realize this only happens with hard work and dedication on my part, but competitive and supportive nature of the CFA community lends to making this happen without it feeling like a chore.  I mean yeah WODs SUCK some times, but they are ultimately gratifying when you fight through them.  Probably very much like everyone else, I began my journey thinking I was a decent athlete that could handle the hard workouts.  I had just come off riding a bicycle from Annapolis to Buffalo in 3 days.  I thought Crossfit would be just another challenging workout program.  OH, HOW I WAS WRONG!!!  I have since learned not to underestimate any aspect of Crossfit.  Back on the topic of physical transformation…I was 230 lbs (give or take) and not very strong for that weight as I would learn.  I have since lost 25 lbs and gained a considerable amount of strength (thanks Luis).

On to a simple but often forgotten life lesson reinforced in Crossfit EVERYDAY…The realization that life is far more satisfying when you attack all of your challenges head on with everything you’ve got.  That can be said for matters inside the Box and out.  In doing so, you can honestly walk away from any outcome KNOWING that you did everything in YOUR POWER to influence the results.

I’ve taken it upon myself to set a goal of Rx’ing every workout (whether I finish or not) that’s my way of attacking the whole problem.  Unless of course I am physically unable to do the movement PROPERLY.  Those movements I’ve decided to deliberately practice outside of the WODs.  My expectation is that I will get more proficient at the things I can/can’t do and will ultimately be able to focus on PRs for time and/or reps.  I know I’m preaching to the choir here.  My point is, I’ve applied this lesson to just about every aspect of my life and the results are beginning to show.

Lastly, CFA has a profound grasp and a seemingly effortless ability to pass on the importance of intentional community.  It is, in my opinion, the best service CFA offers.  I have had the privilege of working out at all different times and with a good number of the member athletes and I can confidently say I have never had a bad experience and have always felt no matter the WOD that “we were all in it together.”  Everyone working out individualy against their own numbers, all the while making the concious effort to push and cheer on their peers.  The attitude is infectious and it is fostered by a staff that clearly understands its importance.

I will miss this box and this family terribly.  I just want to say thank you to the staff and members for the lessons you’ve taught me and the opportunities you’ve provided for me to improve myself in a deliberate, often time frustrating but ultimaley exhilerating manner.  If anyone is ever in Buffalo, please feel free to drop in at CROSSFIT Athletes Unleashed in Orchard Park, NY.   If you need help finding it just call me  (716) 238-0656or email me.

Thanks again.

Bob Gang


  1. Miss you Bobby!!!!

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