There are no shortcuts…

How often does a new ‘miracle berry’ burst onto the market, promising to be the cure for weight loss and the path to optimal health? It seems pretty much monthly there is a new shake, berry, supplement or other concoction that promises the world and beyond. I always wonder, how many times will people be tricked into this gimmick? Of course, what is implied by the term ‘miracle’ is this idea that you can eat whatever you want and still have a beautiful lean physique and healthy body.

In comes reality! No matter what someone believes, they will always have certain requirements for health and, if those requirements are not met, they will have to face the consequences. No pill or potion will ever be a panacea for health and – without question, it will never come in a nicely wrapped package. This idea of a health shortcut is at the core of every miracle cure and plays upon our desire to get what we want without doing the work required to achieve. You can eat whatever you want, do whatever you want and just eat this berry or do this 4 minute exercise once a week and you will be fine. Great idea! Unfortunately, it does not and never will work this way.

But my mom used that berry drink and she lost weight and is healthier now. How did this happen?

If a person goes from eating terrible food to drinking berry juice that actually has nutrients in it, they will get healthier – not because the berry was a miracle but instead because it contained nutrients that replaced the horrible food that they were consuming previously. ‘Miracle berries’ can still be foods that contain nutrients that are good for your body. However, nothing can compensate for the ongoing process of fulfilling the needs of the body with real food, real movement and quality chiropractic care to maintain the health of the Brain – Body Connection.

It really is just that simple – give your body what it needs and avoid what it doesn’t. Rinse and repeat.


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