Success Happens With The Set Up

Having a solid set-up establishes a strong starting position to enter the movement.  This reduces the chance of needing to make compensatory adjustments as you complete the movement.  Below you have Diane Fu demonstrating what the optimal starting position of an olympic lift and several tips that you should consider during your set up.


To set-up:

1. Feet underneath hips.
2. Hook-grip.
3. Shoulders over the bar with the hip crease above the level of the knees.
4. Extend and brace the back.
5. Elbows out.
6. Chest up.
7. Knuckles Down.
8. Hips open to the arms.
9. Eyes to the horizon or higher.
10. Barbell lines up over the base of the toes.

*Courtesy of Diane Fu (twitter: @dianefu) of CrossFit San Francisco/FuBarbell

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