September Athlete Spotlight

September's Athlete Spotlight

Jennifer Bornemann



   Meet Jennifer Bornemann. Those of you who already know her probably already have a smile on your face after just reading her name.

   Jennifer is what CrossFitting is all about. She works hard, always strives to get better, and is the first one to lend support to fellow athletes. That support is evident in everything she does. She is not shy to say, “Hey I think what you are doing is awesome and I am happy to be a part of it”. It is clear that she isn’t just “working out” when she comes to CFA. She is giving all her positive energy and encouragement to her CFA family and really challenging herself physically. She is a focused individual who truly believes that you can accomplish anything if you work hard at it. She proved that by being the winner of the Paleo Challenge this year!

   Her ability to lead by example and put her heart 100% into whatever she does makes her a coach’s dream. Let’s hear what some of her coaches had to say.

From Coach Josh:

As soon as Jenn stepped through the door, she has always been an inspiration to many; she constantly overcomes fears, improves, asks questions, smiles, jokes, gives thanks, and remains humble throughout. Being a part of some of her accomplishments is truly awesome. She makes it not only about her when she goes around and gives thanks to others for the support. One of the coolest things I’ve seen at CFA was when it took her a full hour to do a box jump. It was a huge, mental hurdle for her. At the end of class, she finally psyched herself up enough, repeatedly came up to the edge of the box, and finally swung up onto it flawlessly. While a small feat to many, it was obvious it was huge for her. Through choked-up thanks, she went around and thanked everyone for their support in what she had just accomplished. A true sportsman and athlete!

Coach Erin added:

I have to agree with everything Josh has said. Jen walked through the doors of CFA motivated and ready to work hard. Every time she makes an improvement and reaches a new milestone, she is absolutely floored and it's hard not to jump up and down for her. She is always introducing herself to the new athletes and making new members feel welcomed and comfortable. Her encouragement and high-fives through out CFA are so well known at this point. She is a really special person, a terrific athlete and truly defines what CFA is all about. GO Jen! :)


Here is more about Jen in her own words:

How did you first get involved with CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

   I have been friends with Erin (Ferner) for many years so I had wanted to support her while also trying a new workout that I had heard would be very challenging. From my very first Foundations class, it has been a phenomenal experience! I was lucky to have started with an amazing and supportive group of fellow newbies – Kristen, Kyle and Higy – and led by Erin.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting CF?

    I have seen and felt tremendous changes to my mind, body and spirit throughout my past year at CFA.  I have PR'd in every triathlon I raced this year. I have lost weight, my blood pressure is now in the normal range and I feel stronger than I ever have in my life – and I am a lifelong athlete who is turning 40 this year!

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

   I would say the two most powerful moments for me would be when I completed the whole30 nutrition challenge and the day I was able to do my first box jump. That said, I tend to be inspired each and every class.

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

   Hands down – the CFA community. I absolutely love these guys. From the owners to the coaches to the fellow athletes to all of the CrossFit kids, it is a tremendously supportive environment here at CFA.

What goals are you working on?

   Of course, I would like to continue improving my strength and fitness while also losing weight. I've got to get back on those box jumps and need to get those double-unders and handstand push-ups mastered at some point! Finally, I hope to be able to serve as a resource to all who think they can't do it or are not capable of change. You can do absolutely anything if you commit yourself, put in the hard work and surround yourself with a strong supporting cast, like the one we are lucky enough to have here at CrossFit Annapolis.


Thanks for being an amazing part of the CFA family. We’ll be cheering you on when you get those double unders and hand stand push ups!! GO JEN!!! 



  1. We love you too Jen!! : )

  2. We do love you Jen! :) CFA wouldn’t be the same without you. I would also like to add that I love everything about this last picture. Very cute Jen and Susan! :)

  3. Congrats Jen!!!

  4. An absolutely great choice!


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