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These are our general CrossFit classes. Every class includes a warm up, skill session and a workout. These classes may include Olympic lifting, Strongman, Power lifting, running, rowing, plyometrics, gymnastics movements, rope climbing, slam balls, wall balls, balancing and so much more. The WOD’s (Workout Of the Day) are scaled and modified to each athlete’s level and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with good form and proper technique. Yes, you will be challenged within your limits, but we assure you, you’ll end every workout with a smile and high-five.


The Strength program is a 3x/week program focused around building not only a strong athlete but a balanced athlete.  Everyone has weaknesses; we exploit these weaknesses and work through them in an effort to attain an all-around better athlete.  We achieve this by focusing on the big four compound movements (squats, press, deadlift, and bench press).  Increasing these numbers is our main focus; while still keeping the athletes conditioning up but with different methods than regular CrossFit classes.  We use a lot of strongman techniques and speed/acceleration work not only for conditioning purposes but to make the athlete more explosive.  Each athlete also has a specific warm-up and cool-down routine based on weaknesses or mobility issues found in either the foundations assessment or something the coach saw within class.


The Endurance program is designed to complement a wide variety of athletes and their training goals. From the marathon runner to the triathlete to the CrossFitter or the “Average Joe”, this program can benefit you.  Through the utilization of short intense intervals of running, rowing, and/or pylometric/body weight exercises, our Endurance program strives to improve speed and agility, improve technique, and lower the risk of injury in an effort to improve one’s overall endurance as an athlete.  CrossFit Endurance’s initial intest was to design a training program for endurance athletes that found better results incorporating different methodology.  This program is best used as a supplement to a regular CrossFit training program, as nothing can take the place of the benefits that CrossFit training provides.


A 60 minute Baptiste inspired vinyasa flow for all levels. Explore the benefits yoga has to increase the longevity of your body by enhancing your flexibility and staying mentally sharp. It will allow you to continue to excel in the box and in your everyday life. Its calming, challenging, restoring, invigorating and fun.


Required for all new crossfit athletes! Our Foundations Beginners class meets for 6 sessions (on either Mon/Wed or Tue/Thurs). This class is for the generally healthy injury free individual whose ultimate goal is to join our group classes. New athletes will be introduced to the movements and methodologies of CrossFit in a group class atmosphere in a sequential order as we ramp the intensity. Make sure that you can commit to each day and time before enrolling into our Foundations classes. Any missed Foundations Classes must be made up via private training before graduating to CrossFit Classes. If unsure if you are a candidate into our Foundations classes feel free to contact us,


Saturday- 9:15am- 9:45am Tuesday- 5:00pm-5:30pm The first CFA Kids class is always free to try! Open Gym: Crossfit Annapolis does NOT have open gym hours. All scheduled workouts are coached. Hours of Operation: Crossfit Annapolis is only open during the workout times listed on the schedule.


Crossfit Annapolis will follow the Anne Arundel County School Policy regarding delays and closures due to inclement weather conditions. If schools are closed or subject to a 2 hour delay, then there will be no 6am or 7am class.  Be sure to monitor the blog or Facebook for any additional updates.