Pose Running Seminar


Come learn fun, effective, and easy tricks at making running more effective! CrossFit Annapolis will be holding a Pose Running Seminar on Sunday May 5th. The clinic will run from 12:30-2:30 and will be introduce participants to the principles of Pose method of running.  Pose method focuses on harnessing gravity and proper body mechanics to allow individuals to run FASTER with LESS effort.  Whether you are an experienced endurance athlete or simply want to be able to run short distances with more ease, this clinic is for you! The seminar will also address how Pose method can help prevent overuse injuries while getting better performance results. Each participate will walk away with drills to do at home as well as handouts summarizing the major principles of Pose running.  Come join us for this fun informative clinic and learn how to unlock your natural running potential!

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