Paleo Challenge 2014



This year, our sister facility CrossFit BWI will be hosting a Paleo Challenge beginning on Monday, January 20th concluding on Friday, February 28th (coincedently right before the initial Crossfit Open Workout).  In order to participate in the challenge, there will be a $20 buy in which will go towards the 1st Prize Winners (one Male and one Female), in addition to a  party to celebrate with a Centurion in March! Any leftover proceeds will donated to a charity to be determined at a later date.  In preparation for this challenge, our very own Ryan Thompson, will be hosting a nutrition discussion on Saturday, January 18th at 10am followed by a Group Benchmark WOD at 11AM (to be retested at the end of the challenge to help determine how much progress is made).  Make sure to bring paper and pen for notes if needed/desired.  The discussion will be an excellent  is opportunity to gain clarification surrounding the guidelines of the challenge and/or any questions or concerns regarding adopting a paleo diet.  If you are unable to attend the nutrition discussion, or the 11AM Benchmark WOD, you will still be able to perform the benchmark WOD on that Saturday, January 18th during your regular class time, just ask any coach for additional details.

All the rules will be posted on the CrossFit BWI Blog/facebook, and we will also provide you with a suggested shopping list to guide you in the right direction.


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