October JUNIOR Athlete of the Month – Kate Olson


We are happy to announce that we are choosing one of our CrossFit kids athletes each month to be a Spotlight Junior Athlete of the Month!! And for the month of October, we have decided to choose KATE OLSON to be our October Junior athlete!!! Congratulations KATE! Kate always comes to CrossFit kids super excited and ready to work hard, you can just tell when you watch her during CrossFit kids that she has a passion for it and loves challenges! She always has a smile on her face before a workout and then turns into beast mode during the workout. Keep up the good work Kate! Here are some questions we asked Kate:

What do you love most about CrossFit kids?
I love that it’s fun and I get to play. It’s just fun! Everything is fun at CrossFit Kids.
What is your favorite skill and why?
Rope climb. I like it because we only do it once in a while and when we do, it’s fun. It builds your muscles and thats good too.
What is your favorite game?
Musical Med Ball, because Im good at it and it’s fun.
Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?
Yes. I keep coming and the more you come, the better you get.
Tell us something unique about you?
My soccer coach challenged my team for juggling. He said if someone could juggle the ball 10 times in a row, he would buy us Ritas. And i did it!What Our Coaches Are Saying…

Kate is an incredibly hard worker. She is positive and encouraging. We are so proud to have her as a CFA Kid. Way to go, Kate! Keep up the great work!
- Coach Erin
Kate is a true joy to coach at CrossFit Kids! She is always smiling and working hard. Kate continues to impress me with her strength (her pull ups are amazing) great form and positive attitude! Keep up the great work Kate!!!
- Coach Tine
Kate is a Rockstar! She tries her hardest every single class.  She is also super tough!!  One great memory I have of her is when she tripped doing a box jump.  She hurt her leg but got right up and continued with the WOD.  Great job Kate!  Keep up the awesome work!
- Coach Snelson
Kate, you GO GIRL!  You always have a smile on your face when I see you and I love that!  You come to CrossFit Kids to work hard!!  And let me tell you it shows!!  You are one strong girl Kate!  You, my friend, are a great athlete to work with!  Keep working hard and never give up!!  I’m very proud of you!!!
- Coach Aileen

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