October Athlete of the Month – Tina Stevens!

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Congrats to Tina! We are  all so proud of your hard work and dedication!

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

I first heard about Crossfit from a doctor that I work with. He was starting foundations and told me about the program. I was getting sick of going to the gym and doing the same routines over and over. I have always been a runner but was getting bored with that too. It sounded different and challenging so I signed up for foundations class. I was immediately hooked! Some of the workouts seemed impossible to finish, but I always did. It was very physical but also just as much mental. I pushed myself to do things that I never would have been able to do on my own without the support of the coaches and fellow classmates. I don’t remember my first WOD but I know that I did Murph fresh out of Foundations class. It’s such a tough WOD but one of my favorites! It’s been almost 3 years and I am never going back to “the gym.” I have always been a runner and relatively thin person, but I have seen many changes in my body since starting at CFA. I have more muscle tone and have been able to do movements that I have never been able to do before. I love the combination of cardio and strength that Crossfit gives you.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

Pull-ups! Probably because it is one movement I have been able to do since the beginning:)

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

The people and sense of community. I started at CFA almost at the very beginning and have met some really great people. I love that you can bring your kid, baby, or dog and how friendly everyone is. It’s great to see the same people year after year and it says a lot about CFA. It’s such a supportive and positive environment that you just can’t understand unless you’ve tried it. There is such a misconception out there about Crossfit and what people think it is. I try to set the record straight with anyone that I meet and get them to try to.

I have been to many other Crossfit facilities and am always reminded that we have THE BEST coaches and programming. They are all so helpful and knowledgeable. Especially during my pregnancy, and others that are and have been pregnant, they customize every workout to our needs. They provide a great balance between pushing the limits of what you think you can do, and keeping you safe and injury free. There are other CrossFits around but none compare to CFA!

What goals are you working on? 

Currently I am just trying to stay active and fit during the remainder of my pregnancy. I think Crossfit has helped me tremendously to stay in shape and healthy while pregnant. It gave me an hour/day break from “morning sickness’ at the beginning and has been such a stress relief. I hope to Crossfit as long as I can until I give birth and am already excited to come back after and get back to regular workouts!

What the Coaches are saying

“Tina is one of our CFA originals! It has been so amazing to see her progressions from when she first started off through even now as she continues to stay strong and healthy throughout her pregnancy. She is an absolute inspiration to me and many women for that very reason. Aside from her CrossFit growth accomplishments, she is fun, thoughtful, positive and truly someone I am honored to be around and call a friend. :) Keep it up, Tina, we love you!”  Coach Erin

“Tina is so much fun to coach almost every morning or afternoon.  She brings a unique touch to each class she is in.  Tina is always smiling, always laughing, and always working hard. It has been really impressive to watch her workout through her pregnancy.  Even at almost 8 months pregnant the girl is still doing pull-ups! Truly inspiring! Keep up the awesome work Tina! We are so happy to have you as part of our CFA Family!”  Coach Shannon

” It is always great to see Tina, she is a staple at the gym putting forth a great amount of effort and always keeps a smile on her face. She has continued to work hard throughout her pregnancy and motivates those around her.” Coach Walt

“Tina is a staple in the CrossFit Annapolis community. She has overcome many a obstacle while being at CFA since it’s inception and proven her doctors wrong all while doing it. She is an amazing athlete who continually leads by example…some may wonder if her example is best though ;-) Keep up the good work. ”  Coach Bryant

“Tina’s a CFA OG. She’s been putting in hard work over the years and has been showing up now more than ever…preggo! Awesome work, keep the motivation and drive, congratulations!” Coach Josh

” Tina is great to have in class! She never backs down from a challenge and I always have fun when she hangs with the 9AM crew. Awesome job, Tina!”  Coach Luis


  1. Alan Mangan says:

    Tina, Congratulations! Seeing you in the WOD every day as you get closer to your delivery date is AMAZING. You definitely motivate me to not back down from the workout. I can’t believe you are still doing Rx pullups!! Cheers and best wishes, Alan

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