November Athlete Spotlight- Kurt Allen

Congrat to Kurt Allen for being November's Spotlight Athlete!

How did you first get involved with CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD-
how did that feel? What did you think?

I got involved with CrossFit about 3 years ago at the original
CrossFitBWI….I had a good friend come back from his training with
the Secret Service and he looked like he was in the best shape
of his life….when I asked what type of workouts they did, he said
mostly ‘CrossFit’…so after doing a little research I found CrossFitBWI and
decided that I was going to CrossFit workouts too..

The memory of my first WOD at CrossFitBWI was much different than
my first WOD at CFA…the first couple of workouts at CrossfitBWI it was
everything I could do to get through the hour and not pass out … I didn’t
know if I was that out of shape or Ryan just didn’t like me! ha….either
way I wasn’t sure if I knew what I had signed up for… I did my best to get
better each WOD, but eventually after a few months I would come up with
excuses to workout and stopped going altogether shortly thereafter….
about a year ago I decided to take on a second Tour of Crossfit and Ryan
was the first person I saw at CFA…..he explained the Foundations program
and I signed up to start that week…I’m not sure that there’s anything to
prepare you for the initial WOD when you haven’t been working out, but
after the CFA Foundations class I knew that I was prepared to take on what
WOD was on the schedule that day…..

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since
starting CF?

I’m not sure I’ve seen a dramatic change in my body physically, but
physically I know that I am stronger and more importantly mentally
prepared to compete against myself with the daily WOD’s…being able
to perform the WOD’s at the Rx’d level is another way to know that I am
getting stronger, because that wasn’t the case when I first started back at

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

My favorite CrossFit moment has to be after the 100th time of trying
to do a double-under(and failing) I decided that I would no longer be
performing double-unders(not that I could do one anyway), instead I would
be committed to perfecting the single!..and nobody was gonna change my
mind… but to the credit of the CFA Coaches they continued to teach and

encourage me to keep trying and that one day I would get them……….well
after a few months, and a lot of practice, I did!.. now I look forward to
double-unders as a part of the WOD’s… you can really do amazing things
at CrossFit if you put in the work and allow yourself to embrace the help
that all the Coaches at CFA offer…..

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

The thing I enjoy about CFA is two-fold….first getting to know and seeing
fellow athletes improve from one WOD to the next is really cool…especially
because you know how hard you have to work to get better from one WOD
to the next…secondly, the family environment at CFA makes it very hard to
not succeed…every coach I’ve ever had at CFA has been very positive and
willing to help me get to the next level.
Secondly…the more often you come the more you get to know other
athletes at CFA, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve ran into outside of
CFA and my friends will ask me how I know that person and I say..’We
workout together at CrossFit”… me it sounds a lot better than..”I think
they go to 24hr?’…..

What goals are you working on?

Personally I’d like to work on a performing a muscle-up in the next
3 months as well as getting a CrossFit Total number of 1000lbs or
somewhere close…..but I’d also like to become a resource for other CFA
athletes because I don’t think you can enjoy the journey of Crossfit if you
don’t take advantage of all the resources that are afforded to each athlete
at CFA and pass them along…..

What the coaches are saying:

“Awesome sense of humor, he’s always ready to help someone out with a movement or make em laugh. He’s always looking quite svelte since he first started, this whole CrossFit must be working out for him!” Coach Josh

“Kurt is dedicated to his workouts and his fish oil. We have seen such amazing improvements from him since he started in foundations at CFA. He is also a great example by keeping up with his WOD journal. Go Kurt! :) He is super friendly and has the greatest sense of humor. That makes him a fun guy to be around and it makes CFA fun, too.” Coach EK

“Kurt has made progress by leaps and bounds! He is always pushing himself while encouraging other athletes to get that one more rep done.  He's friendly nature, great smile, customary “clinics”  always help make class fun energetic and overall good time. ” Coach Shannon

Way to go Kurt! Keep up the great work!!


  1. Svelte, indeed! Nice work, Kurt.

  2. Emmy Harbo says:

    Awesome work, Kurt!

  3. Congrats Kurt!

  4. Fantastic! Schedule some time and I’m happy to help you with muscle-ups.

  5. nice work Kurt!!

  6. Jen Bornemann says:

    You’re awesome, Kurt! We love you!

  7. Tina Stevens says:

    Nice job Kurt! You earned that parking space by the dumpster!

  8. kurt allen says:

    thanks for all the nice comment……minus you Tina! ha

  9. garwood whaley says:

    Congratulations Kurt-you really deserve this!gar

  10. Yeah boy!!! That is awesome, congrats!

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