March Athlete of the Month – JJ Ferreira!

Congrats JJ! Keep up all the awesome work!!
1) How did you first get involved with CrossFit?  Take us back to your first WOD – how did that feel?  What did you think?
            I first got involved in CrossFit when Laura Chiriaco successfully convinced me to do an intro with Bryant.  I had been living with Laura and Natalie for over 4 months, thinking they were CRAZY to be getting up at 5:30 to go to a 6am workout.  I finally was convinced to give it a shot, and went into my first intro.  This is the workout that I remember the most.  Bryant took me through a bunch of movements and what felt like 10,000 KB swings… After feeling dead from this alone, he had me do Helen for my workout.  I remember hating the KB swings and being SO winded from that workout.  It was one of the hardest workouts that I had done since college, and it made me feel alive again.  I loved feeling exhausted and like I had worked so hard to finish.  I was hooked immediately!
2) What changes have you seen in your body, health, and overall fitness since starting at CFA?
            Since starting at CFA, I have seen drastic changes in myself.  As a college gymnast, I thought that I was in the best shape that I could have ever been in.  I was completely wrong.  Since beginning at CFA, I can honestly say that I am in the BEST shape of my life.  I feel healthier, stronger, and more confident than I ever had in my whole life.  I’ve lost weight and I can physically see the muscle gains.  Again, I have to thank my amazing girlfriend Laura for getting me to join CrossFit and for pushing me inside and outside of the gym with completing WODs, the Whole30, and eating Paleo.  Without her push, I would not be at CFA and I would be unmotivated and uninterested in changing my lifestyle.
3) What is your favorite CrossFit moment?
            My favorite CrossFit moment was actually the first week of the open, and completing 14.1 with my CFA family all around me.  It was a blast getting to feel like I was competing again. I loved every second of the workout and I especially enjoyed being able to watch my fellow CFA athletes being so successful!
4) What do you most enjoy about being an athlete at CFA?
            I most enjoy the camaraderie within the CFA athletes.  The whole gym is amazing.  All of the coaches are motivating and all of the athletes support one another.  It feels like being a part of a team again.  Especially with my 6am crew.  It’s hard to have fun and enjoy working out at 6 in the morning, but NOT with this group!  Shoutout to Scott Obici and Curt Clifton for taking me under their wings when I first started.  They wouldn’t let me move on without pushing myself to my limits and adding just a little bit more weight.  Thanks guys!
5) What goals are you working on?
            I’m currently working on getting consistent with stringing butterfly pull-ups during a WOD, and I’m always working on increasing my PRs.  My weakest lifts are squats and deadlifts, and I am determined to continue increasing strength!
What the Coaches are saying:
“JJ is consistently hardworking, always maintains great form and his gymnastics skills make me blush.” Coach Gabe
“JJ has an intrinsic drive to get better everyday. He can perform every test CrossFit can throw at you and he continues to be coachable and kick each WOD in the teeth with flawless technique. It is a pleasure to witness
one of CFA best athlete’s work his ass off every day and still focus on perfecting his technique like it’s his first day of CrossFit.” Coach Dan Dupras
“JJ is always a joy to have in class.  His hard work and constant enthusiasm always make it fun to coach him.  Keep up the great work JJ!” Coach Shannon


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