June Spotlight Athlete- Amanda Hopkins

Read all about Crossfit Annapolis’ JUNE Spotlight Athlete- Amanda Hopkins! Thank you for making CFA so special, Amanda! :)


How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

I learned about CF a couple of years ago from my sister who was hooked and assured me I too would love it. She visited CFA during a weekend trip to Annapolis  to see me while I was pregnant and told me I should join. I was reluctant to start something new with my big belly so instead I continued with body pump and spinning and endless hours on the elliptical. I felt that if I repeated the same workout routine one more time I might scream. Working out started to feel like a chore plus everyone warned me that once my son was born I would struggle to find time to visit the gym at all. I knew I needed a change and figured what better time to make a fresh start than after the arrival of a new baby? Six weeks after my son was born the doctor gave me the all clear to begin working out again and suggested I start with yoga and/or long walks. Instead I joined CrossFit :-)

I don’t fully remember that first workout in Foundations; but I can recall that the coach drew a “sandwich” on the whiteboard and the “bread” was running the T. I think I may have almost passed out on that last sprint, I saw spots and felt like vomiting. My first WOD with the regular group was even worse and very intimidating; but everyone was really welcoming and helpful . I was so impressed by the weights the women were lifting and they could do pull-ups! My brain has blocked out the worst of those initial workouts but they were brutal…and awesome. I thought: Yes I want to keep doing this, I want to get better and feel stronger and faster.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

I am absolutely stronger since I joined almost 1 year ago and I realize that a good workout is essential to my mental well-being. I handle work stress and sleep deprivation much better when I’ve had my CFA fix for the day! I’m also surprisingly more flexible, thanks to all of the mobility work. Most importantly I have a newfound respect for my body which prevents me from being overly critical and worrying about how it should look post baby.
 What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

My favorite CF moments are all the times I’ve surprised myself or seen others surprise themselves with new accomplishments. I was so excited and proud the first time I did a strict pull-up without a band or the first time I did 5 whole double-unders in a row. Watching fellow cross-fitters get that elusive first muscle up has also been a highlight. It is inspiring to see the progress and realize that I still have a long way to go!

 What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

CF provides a forum for continual improvement. There is always something to strive for: faster times, heavier weight, improved form.  The WODs are never easy but I’m always rewarded with just enough progress to keep me motivated to reach just a bit further the next time.

There are days when my little dude has boycotted sleep all night and I struggle to tie my shoe laces to just show up at CFA. I tell myself all I have to do is survive the WOD, no need to work too hard today. Somehow just showing up is enough because the energy upon walking into the gym is contagious and gives me the inspiration to push harder than I ever plan.

 What goals are you working on?

5 Strict pull-ups in a row, 15 unbroken kipping pull-ups(no band), 10 unbroken double unders and striving to complete each workout at rx weight.


What the coaches are saying:

Amanda has worked so hard since she first stepped foot into CFA. It has been amazing to watch her grow stronger and more confident with her movements since she began foundations. She is positive, encouraging and motivated. You really can’t ask for more from an athlete. Keep up the great work, Amanda! We are so proud of you! -Coach EK

Amanda has grown tremendously as a CrossFit athlete. Always smiling when she walks in the door, if she’s not throwing around a lotta weight, she can usually be found cutting up with other friends in the box. Her form is spot on during movements and she always strives to maintain it. Awesome job Amanda, truly deserved! -Coach Josh

Amanda’s progress has been extraordinary! Whenever she walks in the door with her upbeat attitude and smile, you know its going to be a great class! Amanda is always willing to try new movements and give everything her all. She is an awesome athlete and valued member of the CFA community. Congrats Amanda, great job! -Coach Shannon


  1. Congrats Amanda! Awesome bio!

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