Getting Started

FIRST: Schedule your Free Introductory Fitness Evaluation

This is a 1-on-1 private training session, in which we will evaluate your fitness level and allow you to check out our facility. The Free Complimentary Introductory Session is available to those new to CrossFit Annapolis and is a prerequisite for starting. The intro is a scaled down workout so you know what you are getting into. Many people think they are in good shape or think they are in bad shape, it is irrelevant to us. What matters is your desire for results and willingness to work. After, we’ll go over the next course of action for you and the associated cost, which means I’ll hand you the price sheet and answer your questions. We know how valuable time is- don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours.

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SECOND: Fundamentals

A firm grasp of the fundamentals is essential for the safety and effectiveness of the CrossFit programming. To that end, we need to spend more time with new athletes and give them a solid grounding in the fundamentals.

Once you have done the fitness evaluation you will begin Individualized Coaching sessions or our Foundation Classes to teach you the fundamental movement patterns you need for CrossFit (and life). This phase typically lasts 4 to 8 weeks (longer if you are deconditioned) depending on the consistency and intensity of your training, your diet, sleep patterns and athletic ability.

Those that are familiar with CrossFit, are healthy and active, may Test-Out of the Fundamentals Program. It is pass or fail.

Foundations Beginners Class

Our Foundations Beginners class meets 2 days a week for 3 weeks. Classes are limited to 10 trainees, are 1 hr, and follow the same curriculum of the private sessions. This class is for the generally healthy injury free individual whose ultimate goal is to join our group classes. New athletes will be introduced to the movements and methodologies of CrossFit in a group class atmosphere in a sequential order as we ramp the intensity. Make sure that you can commit to each day and time before enrolling into our Foundations classes. Any missed Foundations Classes must be made up via private training before graduating to CrossFit Classes. If unsure if you are a candidate into our Foundations classes feel free to contact us,

Individualized Coaching

The new athlete will need to complete a series of six (6), 1-on-1 individualized sessions (this is an average, some people need more sessions, some may need less). This will allow the new athlete to succeed and thrive in the group class atmosphere. Small group training is also available with a price reduction for each athlete in group. If after your sessions, you still are not ready for classes, then you may continue at normal individualized training rates. Must be used in 2 months.
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