December Spotlight Junior Athlete of the month: Lucy Clifton


Lucy is an amazing athlete! She always walks into CrossFit with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. You can see it in your facial expressions when she is working out that she is determined to finish and will not give up. You are strong girl Lucy and you improved so much since you first joined and we love seeing you get so much stronger. Keep up the great work Lucy!!

1. What do you love most about CrossFit Kids?

* Its fun, we get to learn new exercises.

2. What is your favorite skill and why?

* Rope Climbs, you get to climb up and slide down.

3. What is your favorite game?

* Leafs on the pond.

4. Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?

* Yes, I think I am getting stronger.

5. Tell us something unique about you:

* I can play the piano.


Coaches Input:

Aileen: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you girl are a firecracker! You are an exceptional athlete and I love being able to teach you! You always listen and want to learn, you preform all the movements we teach to the best of your ability with perfect form always and thats what I love to see! You work hard, you smile, and you have fun! Keep up the great work Lucy!!!:)

Lyndsy: Lucy is a super athlete and so much fun to have in class! She always tries her hardest and does so with a smile. Lucy’s hard work has paid off and it really shows in the WODS when she crushes them!!!!

Christine: It is such a pleasure to coach Lucy! she always comes to class ready to work and does it with a smile . It’s awesome to see how strong Lucy has become since her first class….she is a beast on rope climbs!!! I’m looking forward to watching Lucy continue to grow as a CrossFit Kids athlete at CFA. You rock Lucy!!!!

Erin: We love our Lucy! She is so hardworking and she LOVES learning what we coach during our kids classes. She is always smiling and kind to the other kid athletes. She can kick some major butt during out WODs (Lucy’s big brothers better watch out!). :) Keep it up Lucy- you rock at CFA Kids AND you play the piano!??! You are AMAZING!


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