December Athlete Spotlight- Emmy Harbo

Congratulations to Emmy Harbo for being our December Spotlight Athlete! Read all about her! :)
How did you first get involved with CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?
My Navy SEAL friend was a fanatic about using to guide his workouts. So, I started using the website too and realized that I had no idea how to do the movements…if the WOD said “press” I’d do a bench press and if the WOD referenced “thruster”, I’d just skip that one!
Bored with running and lifting, I was in search of a new fitness experience. I went to Reggies (that little house with body builder cutouts on the siding near Best Buy/Home Depot on Defense Hwy)…Reggie (a former body builder) was a tough dude and rejected my member request saying “Reggies isn’t just for everyone that walks through this door.”
Figuring no one wanted me, I started my own gym called Reggies in my attic…complete with a pull up bar, a weight bench, dumbells, a yoga block, and a stationary bike. After a month of steady use, my partner Maureen closed Reggies after a negative yoga session experience, sighting sanitary issues related to cat hair.  

With Reggies 1 and 2 behind me, I decided to give CFA a try and met with Brooks in June 2011 for an intro session (at normal Brooks time – 6am).  Even the intro session hurt so I knew I’d found my home! I started foundations with Erin a week later and the rest is history!      

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since
starting CF?
Let’s see, all of my shirts are too small for my shoulders, I can use the calluses on my hands as sandpaper, and I am ALWAYS sore.   

Since I began Crossfit, my performance has improved in all sports. My running race times got faster, I can throw the frisbee farther, swim longer, and do all activities without fear of injury. Crossfit has opened my eyes to healthy eating and although I’m not strict paleo, I’ve cut out a lot of crap from my diet. I find that the harder I workout, the better I eat, and the more energy I have. It just makes sense… why would I kill myself on WODs, just to eat like crap and negate everything I just worked so hard to achieve?

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?
The people! CFA has created such an awesome community and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. I love the teamwork atmosphere among the athletes and the healthy competition that pushes me to work harder. The coaches are second to none! I’ve been to other boxes and sometimes the coaches just start the clock and point to the board. The coaches at CFA are truly invested in each athlete and every workout. They reinforce proper technique every time and whether the movement is a thruster or a burpee, the CFA coaches make sure everyone has good form.
I was at a wedding and someone said Crossfit is a cult and told this “joke”:  “How do you know if someone does Crossfit?  -That’s all they talk about!”
Okay so maybe that’s true but I say to him that there could be worse cults!
What is your favorite CrossFit moment?
I have a few.
(1) My first muscle up! It happened the day before Thanksgiving while Maureen and I were visiting Geaux CrossFit in Baton Rouge. I’ve been working on muscle ups for about 2 months and all of a sudden, it happened. It is easy to get frustrated when trying one movement for so long, but I learned that it is a progression…your muscles have to get strong enough to do the movement AND you have to have the technique.
(2) I really liked the CrossFit Open because it was so challenging and I was able to compare myself to all of the athletes across the country. I also loved the energy and camaraderie in the gym during the Open. Even though it was a competition, we were all suffering together and the judges were so encouraging! 

(3) The time we had a very safe bonfire on the side of CFA after a Friday night workout– someone posted a picture of the bonfire on facebook and within seconds an unnamed coach saw the picture, stormed outside and yelled at us. We all scattered like roaches.  Hee hee.


What goals are you working on?

(1)   An ongoing goal is to Rx each workout no matter what

(2)   Olympic lifts: I want to improve my form and speed   

(3)   50 unbroken double unders


What the coaches are saying:

Emmy is simply AWESOME! She is constantly working hard and trying to get better on her goals. Whether it is muscle up practice, pistols, strict pull-ups etc Emmy is always striving to improve.  Her kind and friendly demeanor welcomes new members and reminds us coaches why we love our job. -Shannon

She has definitely motivated many members of the gym. She is tirelessly dedicated to become better, and on many occasions, has moved more weight, and completed it faster, then many men! Her constant, positive outlook never shakes, she's an awesome chick! -Josh

Emmy has shown great dedication towards her goals at Crossfit Annapolis. She is determined, works hard,  is super strong AND fast. It has been incredible watching her grow athletically since she has first started. She is one that I hope a lot of woman at CFA look up to and are motivated by. That aside, she is also funny, kind, and we love when she brings her sweet four-legged boy, Sully, with her to workout (we have declared him an honorary member at CFA). Keep it up Emmy! :) -EK


  1. Congrats Emmy! Well deserved! And on a side note, I fully support bonfire behavior, I won’t make ya put it out!

  2. Kristin Seibert says:

    Congrats on the muscle-up! I remember you working so hard on it a few weeks ago and you were so close. I knew you would get it soon. I was so happy for you when I read that you did it! CFA is better than any Reggies out there! We love everyone who walks in the door. :)

  3. Yay Harbs! Well deserved and a big congratulations on your muscle ups! Just think if Reggies2 hadn’t been shut down you’d still be practicing pull ups on the shower curtain bar, dips on the window sill, and sit ups next to the litter box while Sully jumped on your chest. :-) You’ve been kicking butt at CFA! Keep it up.

  4. YES Emmy! You are halirous! I love your spirit. Love working out with you!

  5. Congrats girl!! You da bomb!! I love wodding with you! You def push me to do better and support me through the pain. Sully is pretty cool too. : ) That bonfire was sooooo much fun!!! Can’t wait until we can get another one set up.

  6. Your Sister says:

    WAY TO GO, PAPE! You rock! xoxo

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Francis F says:

    Way to goooooo Pape! I too am very happy that Reggies2 closed. Now I hope that Reggies 1 closes too, for being so mean. You have gone farther than any Reggie could even imagine. Love, your proud brother

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