Paleo Challenge 2014



This year, our sister facility CrossFit BWI will be hosting a Paleo Challenge beginning on Monday, January 20th concluding on Friday, February 28th (coincedently right before the initial Crossfit Open Workout).  In order to participate in the challenge, there will be a $20 buy in which will go towards the 1st Prize Winners (one Male and one Female), in addition to a  party to celebrate with a Centurion in March! Any leftover proceeds will donated to a charity to be determined at a later date.  In preparation for this challenge, our very own Ryan Thompson, will be hosting a nutrition discussion on Saturday, January 18th at 10am followed by a Group Benchmark WOD at 11AM (to be retested at the end of the challenge to help determine how much progress is made).  Make sure to bring paper and pen for notes if needed/desired.  The discussion will be an excellent  is opportunity to gain clarification surrounding the guidelines of the challenge and/or any questions or concerns regarding adopting a paleo diet.  If you are unable to attend the nutrition discussion, or the 11AM Benchmark WOD, you will still be able to perform the benchmark WOD on that Saturday, January 18th during your regular class time, just ask any coach for additional details.

All the rules will be posted on the CrossFit BWI Blog/facebook, and we will also provide you with a suggested shopping list to guide you in the right direction.


January Athlete of the Month – Joe Posey


Congrats to our January Athlete of the Month Joe Posey! Great work!

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

 I was a swimmer in a masters swim program and one of my swim mates invited me to a crossfit workout.  This was two + years ago when I lived in Pittsburgh.  My first WOD was 50 box jumps, 40 wallballs, 30 Kettlebell Swings, 20 clapping pushups and 10 snatches.  The coach made me use a 14” box, 10 lb ball and a pvc pipe for the snatch – thank goodness.  I limped for a week but was hooked from this first workout and have been a crossfiter ever since. I joined CFA in June 2012 when I moved to Annapolis.  My first CFA workout was 5 rounds – run 400 -10 burpees and it was 97 degrees, brutal.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

I now buy custom suits – they are so sweet.  I am in the best shape of my life and stronger than ever.  And, I can squat more then my three daughters’ boyfriends.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

Pulling a sled with 3 45# plates while carrying 2 35# Kettlebells 800 yards (thanks Luis) and I must say, the Filthy Fifty on January 2 was an epic workout. Such group suffering is inspirational

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

The camaraderie, the coaching, the support, the group motivation, and the feeling of superiority, in every aspect, over non crossfitters.

 What goals are you working on?

Damn double unders (I am close)

Butterfly Pull Ups

Pistol Squats

300+ score on Fight Gone Bad

Clean and Jerk 185#

Squat 315#

What the Coaches are saying:

“Joe is always working hard to improve his weaknesses. He puts the time into strength class and it has been showing in his WODs. Keep killing it Joe.” Coach Ryan Burns

“Joe’s dedication shows. He constantly puts the work in on a regular basis and is running circles around these young guys. He also has all daughters so he better keep killing it at CFA!” Coach Josh

“Joe is a testament to what you can do if you commit to it. He works his butt off and has the ability to grow a stache that would make Sam Elliott blush!” Coach Walt

“Joe is such a beast in the gym.  Seeing him always strive to be better is truly inspiring as a coach.  No matter what may lay ahead, Joe tackles it head on without hesitation.  Truly worthy of the title athlete of the month!” Coach Luis

“Joe is a true pleasure to coach.  From giving it his all, to cheering on his fellow classmates, to entertaining everyone with his endless jokes and smile, Joe is a wonder part of our CFA family. Congrats Joe! Well deserved!”  Coach Shannon


Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 KBS  1.5/1
12 Pull-ups

A1: Ring Rows (EMOM 12)
5 elevated ring rows on even mins
A2: Box Jumps (EMOM 12)
5 reps with step down on odd mins
3 rounds
Run 200m
12 kbs 1.5/1pd
6 pull-ups

Christmas Time Is Here….

We Wish Everyone A Happy, Healthy and Warm Holiday Season! Thank You For Making 2013 One Of Our Best Years Yet. Here Is To An Even Better 2014!


Here Is Our Holiday Schedule:

Christmas Eve (December 24th)- 10am ONLY
Christmas Day (December 25th)- CLOSED
December 26th – 10am ONLY

New Years Eve (December 31st)- 10am ONLY
New Years Day (January 1st)- CLOSED

December Spotlight Junior Athlete of the month: Lucy Clifton


Lucy is an amazing athlete! She always walks into CrossFit with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. You can see it in your facial expressions when she is working out that she is determined to finish and will not give up. You are strong girl Lucy and you improved so much since you first joined and we love seeing you get so much stronger. Keep up the great work Lucy!!

1. What do you love most about CrossFit Kids?

* Its fun, we get to learn new exercises.

2. What is your favorite skill and why?

* Rope Climbs, you get to climb up and slide down.

3. What is your favorite game?

* Leafs on the pond.

4. Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?

* Yes, I think I am getting stronger.

5. Tell us something unique about you:

* I can play the piano.


Coaches Input:

Aileen: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you girl are a firecracker! You are an exceptional athlete and I love being able to teach you! You always listen and want to learn, you preform all the movements we teach to the best of your ability with perfect form always and thats what I love to see! You work hard, you smile, and you have fun! Keep up the great work Lucy!!!:)

Lyndsy: Lucy is a super athlete and so much fun to have in class! She always tries her hardest and does so with a smile. Lucy’s hard work has paid off and it really shows in the WODS when she crushes them!!!!

Christine: It is such a pleasure to coach Lucy! she always comes to class ready to work and does it with a smile . It’s awesome to see how strong Lucy has become since her first class….she is a beast on rope climbs!!! I’m looking forward to watching Lucy continue to grow as a CrossFit Kids athlete at CFA. You rock Lucy!!!!

Erin: We love our Lucy! She is so hardworking and she LOVES learning what we coach during our kids classes. She is always smiling and kind to the other kid athletes. She can kick some major butt during out WODs (Lucy’s big brothers better watch out!). :) Keep it up Lucy- you rock at CFA Kids AND you play the piano!??! You are AMAZING!


Should I Take Supplements?


Generally speaking, if you are eating a diet consisting of real foods then you should be fulfilling your body’s nutrient requirements. But, at times, we may need to fill the gaps where are diet may be lacking.  Below you will find three (3) supplements which I find to be essential to aid in filling those gaps; many of which you all may be taking now.

Vitamin D Optimization

Getting adequate vitamin D is essential for your health.  With over 3000 binding sites for Vitamin D in every cell, we are clearly designed to spend time in the sun supplying our body with the ryas that aid in the production of vital pro-hormone.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles rarely allow for such regular sun exposure, especially in northern climates.  On top of this, except for fatty ocean fish, there is very little Vitamin D in any commonly consumed natural foods.

How Much Do I Need?

The best way to know how much Vitamin D you need to first determine your current blood levels of Vitamin D.  For optimization, your blood Vitamin D levels should be between 35-50 ng/mL for adults and children.  Unfortunately, most of us fall seriously short.  Children under the age of one can begin with 1000 IU, increasing 25 IU/lb of body weight until reaching the adult dosage.  Some people may need more for a period of time, but typically 4000-6000 IU/day will maintain your levels in an adequate range for normal physiological function.

Recommended Brand:  PurePharma Vitamin D3

Omega 3 Saturation

Historically, we obtained our essential fatty acids, both Omega 3 and 6, from dietary sources of wild game, seafood, and less appetizing sources like grubs and insects.  Our modern grain-fed food supply, complete with refined vegetable oils rich in omega 6, has completely altered the critical balance of omega 3:6 in our modern diet.  Supplementing your diet with pure, pharmaceutical-grade fish oils have proven the best way to re-balance this all-important ratio, while you reel in your omega 6 consumption .

How Much Do I Need?

We recommend 2-4 grams of total EPA/DHA per day.  However, if you are eating a diet filled with real foods, you may require less or even none to maintain your omega 3:6 ratio in a 1:1 balance.  We strongly recommend a liquid dose but capsules will work, as long as you don’t mind the inconvenience of choking down a big handful of capsules.

Recommended Brands:  Stronger Faster Healthier  SO3 (Liquid) or PurePharma 03 (Capsule)



We rely on our first dose of quality bacteria to happen to via the birth process.  Soon after that, we ate dirt and the many billions of organisms that came along for the ride.  The problem today is that we don’t eat dirt; we wash everything.  Additionally, we kill of many of our probiotic bacteria with poor nutrition, prescription drugs and highly stressful lifestyles.  For these reasons, it’s wise to take a probiotic supplement.

How Much Do I Need?

We recommend you begin taking a broad-spectrum probiotic, 10-30 billion CFU/day.

Recommended Brand: Prescript-Assist Broad Spectrum Probiotic


Nine Ways To Not Get Fat, Sick, & Gross Over The Holidays


The holidays are upon us once again. It seems like it only took a year to recover from last year’s health problems that were born from terrible food, plenty of alcohol, no exercise and ridiculous amounts of stress. There’s no surprise that more heart attacks occur in December and January than any other months of the year.

Take the time this season to truly enjoy your family and friends, but follow these steps so you can live to tell about it!

1. Decide you want to be healthy

The first step towards any positive change is making the decision you actually want it to happen.

2. Have a vision

Plenty of people have dreams of being healthy but, without a detailed plan, it will never come to fruition. Add a well-thought-out plan based on correct principles and now you have a vision that will inspire and motivate.

3. See your Chiropractor

Often seen as an intervention for aches and pains, chiropractic is a more significant part of the health process than you’d expect. Keeping a healthy spine and nerve system is a vital piece for staying healthy and handling the stress of the season. (*Remember the author of this blog post)

4. Schedule your holiday season

Create a schedule of your holiday season with all events, parties and even days off. See the future before it happens and plan accordingly. Be ready to adapt to any obstacles that may be in your path.

 5. Plan your meals

You are already going to be facing some “off-track” opportunities; make sure the rest of your meals fit all of the By Design principles. You can offset some of the negative effects by ensuring every other meal is built from high quality real food.

 6. Party survival basics

When you do make it to the party, focus on protein (meat, cheese, nuts) instead of crackers, breads and other treats. If you are drinking alcohol, choose red wine, potato vodka or cider.

 7. Regular movement

Be sure to continue with your regular exercise! Special tip: Always exercise on any day you may not be eating 100% By Design foods.

 8. Have fun

Enjoy yourself, don’t beat yourself up, and get right back on the wagon if you do fall off. Don’t allow one bad meal or day to become an entire month or more.

 9. Plan for next year before next year

It’s a big mistake to wait until the new year to plan your vision and action steps for success. Use December as a great time to start thinking about next year, what you want for your life, and how you plan on making it happen.



December Athlete of the Month – Brittney Reker!!

brit 2

Congratulations to our December Athlete of the Month Brittney Reker!! All your hard work has paid off! We are all so proud of you!

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

I first got involved in CrossFit in 2010 with CrossFit Salt. I worked out with them for three months then I did CrossFit on my own for two years. I remember my first WOD was fight gone bad. It was horrible! I remember thinking CrossFit was crazy and I couldn’t handle it. I was determined to become good at it though. My first WOD at CFA was Helen and I did that with coach Bryant for my evaluation. That WOD was horrible too! But once I again I was determined to get back into shape.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since  starting at CFA?

I have improved tremendously since starting at CFA. I remember I had the hardest time doing wall balls but Coach Louis explained it to me a little different and it just clicked. My weight lifting numbers and cardio have improved a lot too. I was able to run a 10k in under an hour without ever running. It was all from what I did at CFA.  I can finally do a muscle up after three years of trying too.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

My favorite moment is when you have been trying to get a movement down for so long and then you finally get it. I was so excited when I was able to get some double unders consecutively and be able to do a muscle up. I have to thank Aileen for her amazing coaching skills, she helped me get my double unders.

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

My favorite part about being an athlete at CFA is getting to workout with other amazing athletes and coaches. I remember I was nervous about having to meeting new people but everyone is so friendly. CFA is like my second family.

What goals are you working on?

My goals right now are to be able to do 50 consecutive double unders. I also want to be able to do my body weight (130lbs) in the squat snatch.

What the Coaches are saying

“Brittney is a stellar athlete! She works so hard and certainly has her hard work pay off. We love having her at CFA and can’t wait to see the gains she continues to make. Keep it up Brittney! :)”  Coach Erin

“Day in and day out, Brittany always gives 100‰, and pushes others in the workout.. Seeing her strive to be her best like many others, it pushes me to try to be mine. Great job, Brittney!” Coach Luis

“Brittany has been consistent in putting in the hard work. She constantly seeks out guidance on form and technique, and always pushes herself towards a harder WOD. Her gymnastics skills are awesome to watch, as well. Pleasure to coach and work out alongside with!” Coach Josh

“Brittany is yet another example of a CFA athlete that puts her head down and gets to work regardless of what is thrown at her. It is a pleasure to coach her. I mean did anyone see her do pistols at the hopper; it was as if they pressed fast forward on her!”  Coach Walt

**UPDATE** CFA Holiday Party v2.0

Holiday Party


It still is not too late to sign up for this years holiday party!  For all those that had signed up on the clipboard with a Credit Card, unfortunately, we need for you all to either supply cash, check (made out to Bryant Harris), paypal or square (emailed to by no later than December 12th.

Raffle Items will include the following:

  • Three (3) Month Free Membership
  • Two (2) University of Maryland Men’s Basketball Tickets
  • A complimentary ninety (90) minute massage from Susan Mahoney
  • A “fit” session with Lululemon Athletica of Annapolis
  • A Tessamae’s All Natural Dressing and Marinade Gift Basket

Dinner With The Doc



Welcome to the New World of Healthcare

Did YOU know that in order for you to enjoy your greatest potential, your body has critical requirements for health?

While crisis and medical care is an absolutely crucial necessity in our world and saves countless lives every day, it does NOT create health.

Life By Design is based on the principle that:

  1. You are designed to be extra-ordinary! Your body is incredibly intelligent, and is constantly driving toward health by making adaptations in response to its environment.
  2. Your body has fundamental requirements it needs to function at it’s best.  Just like a plant has certain requirements for life such as water, sunlight, and oxygen; human beings have requirements too!  These include
    1. Nutrients/Fuel
    2. Rest
    3. Movement
    4. A Healthy Mind
    5. A clear nerve supply

Very few people actively provide their body with these critical requirements for LIFE, so is it any surprise we are so sick?

While drugs, surgery and medical care are vital in times of crisis, they are rendered useless and a waste of time if you do not provide your body with what it fundamentally needs for life.

COME JOIN DR. BRYANT ON TUESDAY, DEC. 10th @ The Greene Turtle in Annapolis (177 Jennifer Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401) from 7:30PM to 8:30PM TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN START LIVING A LIFE BY DESIGN.

Space is limited to 10 people.  Food will be provided. Register HERE!