6am Cancelled for Friday, Feb. 14

The snow is still coming down! Our 6am class for Friday, February 14 is cancelled. We will update with any other schedule changes for tomorrow. Stay safe and be warm! :)

SNOW Thursday Evening Schedule Changes

Due to the weather- we will be holding only the 4pm and 5pm classes today (Thursday, Feb. 13). There will be NO 6pm or 7pm class tonight. Stay safe! Thanks all! :)

Thursday Morning Classes Cancelled!


It’s SNOWING! We hope you grabbed the essential milk, eggs, and bread at the grocery store. With the snow falling and the amount predicted, we will NOT be having our morning classes tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 13 (no 6am, 7am, or 9am class). We will re-evaluate for the afternoon classes. Stay warm everyone!

February Athlete of the Month- Andrea Kibalo


Congratulations to our February Athlete of the Month, Andrea Kibalo!! Awesome job! Keep up the hard work! 

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

I kept hearing about Crossfit and finally decided to give it a try.  I figured I was in decent shape playing lacrosse most of my life, working out regularly, and insane enough to like the torture. The first WOD was rough…I remember being so nervous with all the other foundation newbies, hoping not to look like a complete idiot. It was running then 21-15-9 of ring rows, squats and push-ups followed by another run, a workout that probably wouldn’t even phase me now. We did the same workout 4 weeks later and everyone saw improvement.

 What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

If you do Crossfit and don’t like the changes to your body, health, and overall fitness you are a crazy person.  Crossfit is awesome and makes you feel awesome.  I have never been stronger or in better shape.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

Anytime I get PR (or anyone else does), finish a workout that I thought would kill me, see that squats are part of the workout (especially back and overhead), and anytime there is no running:)

 What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

I know everyone says it, but I love all the athletes and coaches, especially the 6am crew and the newly formed CFA drinking/fun club.  I have been here 1 year and I love it.  I have never seen so much cheering for someone finishing last (trust me it has been me plenty of times) or had so many people believe in me more than I do.

What goals are you working on?

Strict pull-ups

Double unders – they are impossible, maybe one day I will get more than 3 in a row…

Relearning rope climbs with the pinch so I don’t have permanent scarring on my ankle

RXing as much as I can even if it takes me forever to finish the workout

 What the Coaches are saying:

“Andrea’s consistency, hard work and practiced movement patterns are an example for all other athletes to follow! Without her vital guidance on music choice, the 6am would listen to nothing but Hall and Oates.” Coach Gabe

“Andrea has a great attitude and work ethic. Even when she is miserable and complaining about the WOD she never cherry picks workouts, she consistently shows up, and works hard every workout. Lately, I have been noticing her motivating others in class as well. Keep it up Andrea. We’re lucky to have you in our community.” Coach Ryan Burns

“Andrea is the ideal CFA athlete. She brings the perfect combination of dedication, tenacity, a thirst to improve her technique, humor and support of her fellow athletes. Her coachability is second only to her flexibility(#GumbyCantHoldACandle). Congrats Andrea!” Coach Dan Dupras

“She’s the bee’s knee’s” Coach Luis



Eat By Design Seminar



Sunday, February 16th, 2014 @ 12:30pm


CrossFit Annapolis


Eat By Design:

  • works in harmony with our body’s genetic make-up and design. It is not a diet, but instead an approach to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body for optimal function.

  •  teaches people how to eat to create health, instead of eating to alleviate a symptom or to treat a disease.

  • is a sustainable, enjoyable and incredibly healthy approach to eating for life.

**All attendees will receive the Eat By Design Manual.**


This seminar, hosted by Dr. Bryant Harris, will help you learn the principles of Eat By Design.  If you are interested in attending please email Dr. Bryant Harris at drharris@trucentered.com



Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Mastery

We, at CrossFit Annapolis, have committed ourselves to maintaining a level of excellence and virtuosity and instill those traits into each one of our athletes.  Below you will find a letter from the Founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, to CrossFit Trainers Worldwide which may shed some light as to why WE focus heavily on the basics/fundamentals and form and the direction you may see the box shifting in an effort to maintain the level of excellence and virtuosity that we have become known for.

Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Mastery

An Open Letter to CrossFit Trainers
CrossFit Journal August 2005
Greg Glassman

In gymnastics, completing a routine without error will not get you a perfect score, the 10.0—only a 9.7. To get the last three tenths of a point, you must demonstrate “risk, originality, and virtuosity” as well as make no mistakes in execution of the routine.

Risk is simply executing a movement that is likely to be missed or botched; originality is a movement or combination of movements unique to the athlete—a move or sequence not seen before. Understandably, novice gymnasts love to
demonstrate risk and originality, for both are dramatic, fun, and awe inspiring—especially among the athletes themselves, although audiences are less likely to be aware when either is demonstrated.

Virtuosity, though, is a different beast altogether. Virtuosity is defined in gymnastics as “performing the common uncommonly well.” Unlike risk and originality, virtuosity is elusive, supremely elusive. It is, however, readily recognized by audience as well as coach and athlete. But more importantly, more to my point, virtuosity is more than the requirement for that last tenth of a point; it is always the mark of true mastery (and of genius and beauty).

There is a compelling tendency among novices developing any skill or art, whether learning to play the violin, write poetry, or compete in gymnastics, to quickly move past the fundamentals and on to more elaborate, more sophisticated movements, skills, or techniques. This compulsion is the novice’s curse—the rush to originality and risk.

The novice’s curse is manifested as excessive adornment, silly creativity, weak fundamentals and, ultimately, a marked lack of virtuosity and delayed mastery. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to be taught by the very best in any field you’ve
likely been surprised at how simple, how fundamental, how basic the instruction was. The novice’s curse afflicts learner and teacher alike. Physical training is no different.

What will inevitably doom a physical training program and dilute a coach’s efficacy is a lack of commitment to fundamentals. We see this increasingly in both programming and supervising execution. Rarely now do we see prescribed
the short, intense couplets or triplets that epitomize CrossFit programming.

Rarely do trainers really nitpick the mechanics of fundamental movements. understand how this occurs. It is natural to want to teach people advanced and fancy movements. The urge to quickly move away from the basics and toward advanced movements arises out of the natural desire to entertain your client and impress him with your skills and knowledge. But make no mistake: it is a sucker’s move. Teaching a snatch where there is not yet an overhead squat, teaching an overhead squat where there is not yet an air squat, is a colossal mistake. This rush to advancement increases the chance of injury, delays advancement and progress, and blunts the client’s rate of return on his efforts. In short, it retards his fitness.

If you insist on basics, really insist on them, your clients will immediately recognize that you are a master trainer. They will not be bored; they will be awed. I promise this. They will quickly come to recognize the potency of fundamentals.
They will also advance in every measurable way past those not blessed to have a teacher so grounded and committed to basics.

Training will improve, clients will advance faster, and you will appear more experienced and professional and garner more respect, if you simply recommit to the basics.

There is plenty of time within an hour session to warm up, practice a basic movement or skill or pursue a new PR or max lift, discuss and critique the athletes’ efforts, and then pound out a tight little couplet or triplet utilizing these skills or just play. Play is important. Tire flipping, basketball, relay races, tag, Hooverball, and the like are essential to good programming, but they are seasoning—like salt, pepper, and oregano. They are not main courses.

CrossFit trainers have the tools to be the best trainers on earth. I really believe that. But good enough never is, and we want that last tenth of a point, the whole 10.0. We want virtuosity!!

All Evening Classes Cancelled (Tues, Jan 21)


WEATHER UPDATE: Safety first! ALL classes (Crossfit, Teens and Foundations) are cancelled for this evening (Tuesday, January 21). Please check back later for information regarding classes tomorrow. Please be safe and enjoy your snow day!

Performance vs. Fitness – New Programming Layout!


We are switching to a new template for programming and will be posting two workouts each day where applicable.  The two groups are called PERFORMANCE and FITNESS. Read below to understand what each one means and how this pertains to you. This change will take the place of our Elements classes. Instead of only have 2 days a week to help with technique and movement patters, now each class will have prescribed options.  If you are starting under FITNESS, and are considering jumping into the PERFORMANCE program ask a Coach to make sure you are a good fit for the program!

The goal of this switch is to provide the best programming for the various kinds of athletes in the gym. Those who are in the gym for general health and fitness, and those who have the goal of competing and taking CrossFit to the next level.

PERFORMANCE – If you are training in CrossFit for sport.  If you are in this program, you have mastered all of the basic CrossFit moves, have sufficient strength numbers, and have efficient form in the Olympic lifts. This program will involve more technical movements, as well as heavier loads in workouts when needed.


Strict Pullups, Chest to Bar Pullups, Ring Dips, HSPU with no deficit, Squat Clean, Squat Snatch, OHS, Snatch Balance, Pistols, Rope Climbs, T2B, Double Unders, KB Snatch,

FITNESS-  You are either new to CrossFit or you just CrossFit for general health and fitness, you don’t plan to compete in any competitions(at this time), and are still working to master and Rx normal programmed workouts. This program will build a general work capacity in the foundations of CrossFit. Don’t worry, just because your not going to compete at the crossfit games, doesn’t mean its going to be easy ! It will be less technical, but simplicity is just as good an effective.  You will still be pushed, and challenged as normal. All athletes coming out of Foundations or who have been CrossFitting for less then 6 months will required to stick the Fitness programming.

Some day’s the workouts will be the same, so if you don’t see two workouts specified, assume that everyone is doing the same workout for that day. Some days it may just be small changes, other days it could be completely different workouts. This small change will help each individual athlete achieve their specific goals and get the very best out of each class. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Coach Shannon.

*adapted from a blog post developed by CrossFit Syndicate.

The CrossFit Open Is Upon Us…


It’s that time of year again! On January 15th (or anytime thereafter up until the end of February), visit the CrossFit Games Website to sign up on the CrossFit Annapolis team for this year’s CrossFit Open.  For all who do not know what the CrossFit Open is:

  • A five week worldwide competition.
  • 1 wod a week. You complete it at the gym, or send in a video of you performing it.
  • Everyone is ranked in the world.
  • The top 60 athletes and 30 teams are then invited to regional competition.
  • The top  3 finishers in regions go to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA in July.

If you have done it before or not, just sign up and see how you do.  It will show you where you have improved, as well as, what weaknesses you need to work on.  For those that have competed in it before, leave some comments encouraging our new members  to participate.

You Want Me To Do How Many Reps…31×1


On occasion you may see that we have started putting in tempo prescriptions for some of the movements, specifically lifts.

To explain what these numbers mean lets use the squat at a tempo of 31X1.

The FIRST number indicates the lowering (eccentric) part of the lift. In this case, the athlete will lower to the bottom of the squat in 3 seconds. This forces the athlete to maintain tension and control of themselves instead of divebombing.

The SECOND number tells the athlete how long to hold the bottom of the lift. In this case, maintaining tension and good position at the bottom for one second. Don’t get soft!

The THIRD number indicates the speed at which the athlete should ascend to the top of the lift (concentric phase). If it’s 3, then 3 seconds up to the top. If you see X, such as in our example, then this means to explode up to the top as fast as possible. Follow the tempo even if you can move the weight faster.

The FOURTH number tells us how long to hold the top of the movement. In this case a one second hold at the top to get reorganized for the next rep. In all cases, the first number of a tempo lift is always the lowering (eccentric) portion, even if the movement starts with the ascending (concentric) portion (like a weighted pull up).

Why do we doing this? A few reasons:

  1. Constantly Varied. We hear this all the time in CrossFit. Switch things up instead of just going for Max effort lifts all the time.
  2. Focus on muscular elements versus tendinous elements (a slow, controlled motion is going to place more stress on the muscles, whereas a bouncy or ballistic motion will place more stress on the tendons, etc.)
  3. Improved Stability.
  4. Get stronger of course! More time under tension = gains, gains, more gains!