CFA Kids Spotlight Junior Athlete of the Month: Hal Olsen

Congratulations to Hal Olson for being our February Junior Spotlight Athlete!


Hal, Hal, Hal- the moment you started CrossFit kids you were so happy, you were always ready to workout, and you couldn’t wait for the game at the end. :) You have improved so much as an individual and as an athlete. You work SO hard to do all of the movements with perfect form. We love how hard you push during a workout and how much fun you have during the game. We are so happy to be able to work with you and help you become stronger and faster every week. Keep up the GREAT work, Hal- and CONGRATS, again, on the forward roll PR!

More about Hal:

1. What do you love most about CrossFit Kids?

*I like to play the games, workout, and make friends.

2. What is your favorite skill and why?

*Push ups, because they are really fun!

3. What is your favorite game?


4.Do you think you have improved since you first started?

*Yes, I have gotten stronger and I listen.

5. What is something unique about you?

*I like playing dominoes.


From the coaches:

Coach Aileen: MY MAN HAL!!! You my friend are an amazing person! I remember when I first met you, you were shy at first but then when you got to know me boy did you explode with energy and happiness! I loved it!! Hal you have become such an amazing athlete, you come in every saturday with a smile on your face and so much energy! Your form on every movement we do has improved SOOOO much! I am very proud of you and so happy to be your coach! Keep it up buddy:)

Coach Christine: Hal- what an amazing journey you’ve had since starting Crossfit kids! It’s been a joy watching you grow and become stronger each class!! I love your enthusiasm during class, especially during the games!! And your push ups ROCK!! I see why you love them so much . You are awesome Hal!!! Keep up the great work!!

Coach Erin: Hal- you are so deserving to be our February Junior Spotlight Athlete. We are so proud of you for working so hard and for the zest for life we see in you each Saturday. Thank you for being positive, fun loving, and for being so dedicated to improve every day. Don’t ever forget to be proud of who you are and ALWAYS, ALWAYS work hard and do your best. :)

Coach Lyndsy: Hal!! You have made so much progress from when you first started. It has been wonderful to see you grow into an amazing athlete! You come into each WOD with a huge smile on your face ready to take on whatever is in store for you. Keep up the great work!!!


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