CFA Kid’s Junior Athlete of the Month!

CONGRATS TO CFA KID Athlete of the Month- ALEX ERB!


CROSSFIT KIDS: The month of November is here and you know what that means….CrossFit kids junior athlete of the month!!! Congratulations to ALEX ERB!!! Alex, you always come to CrossFit Kids wanting to work hard and try new things. You always have a smile on your face when warming up and for the games but when it comes to the WOD you have this determined look in your eyes that is awesome to watch. You have passion for working out and you always work hard until the second of class. You have been improving tremendously and we love to see that in our athletes. Keep up the good work Alex!!! **Here are some questions we asked Alex and his responses**

1: What do you love most about CrossFit kids?

*Crossfit kids is super fun. I really enjoy learning new exercises and getting stronger.

2: What is your favorite skill and why?

*My favorite is pull-ups because when I do them I can feel my muscles getting stronger and it’s thrilling to lift my whole body weight!

3: What is your favorite game?

*CrossFit dodge-ball.

4: Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?

*Yes. I think I’ve gotten better at bear-crawls, rope climbs and pull-ups.

5: Tell us something unique about you?

I love to put on costumes and go to the Renaissance Festival.

Coaches Comments! :)

*Coach Christine: Alex is one of our original CrossFit Kids at CFA. He is always positive and gives 110% at each class. It’s been a pleasure seeing Alex transform into a true CrossFitter….you rock Alex!!

*Coach Lyndsy: Alex always works hard in every WOD…and he smiles the whole time! He is a focused athlete and really pays attention to proper form. Keep up the great work!!

*Coach Erin: Alex is a super dedicated CFA kids athlete. His squat has improved so much and he does a great job listening and picking up our coaching cues. He is a great example to all our CFA Kids on what you get when you work hard! Go Alex!!

*Coach Aileen: Alex you are a beast man!!!! You work so hard in the WODs and you never give up, you listen and ask questions when we go over the skills and that tells me that you want to learn and improve, and then when the game comes aroundyou have so much fun and are so enthusiastic! Just wait until we play CrossFit dodge ball again….your going down!!!!

1167592_10151550838552721_644260015_oKeep up the AWESOMENESS, ALEX! :)


  1. Thanks Coaches Aileen, Christine, Lyndsy, and Erin!!

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