CFA Coaches Retreat Day and CFA Pep Day

Once a year at Crossfit Annapolis the doors stay locked, the lights remain off, and garage doors stay down. There is no music playing, sweat dripping, hands chalked, or tires flipped. The equipment goes untouched. This particular day is CFA's day to reflect and to build. On this particular day, we, the coaches of Crossfit Annapolis, gather and work together to ensure that we are the best coaching team Annapolis can offer. On this day, we vow to work tirelessly for each of our members and to develop ourselves so that the quality of coaching that we offer at CFA remains at the highest standard.

This day is our time to bond, connect, and encourage each other- your coaches. It's our time to regroup, refresh, and reset. All for you….for Crossfit Annapolis.

Our CFA Coaches Retreat Day will be Sunday, November 18th. CFA will be closed on this day. We appreciate your understanding.

Take a look at some At Home WOD's you can do from our friends at Crossfit Tracy!

****CFA Pep Day!!!!!! That being said- GET READY for some fun on Monday, November 19th. In fact, if you have any CFA apparel- WEAR it and bring YOUR awesome energy with you. Whether you come to the morning classes, afternoon/evening classes- it's going to be a memorable day at CFA!****

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