Centurion @ CrossFit BWI


For those of you that don’t know, CrossFit BWI organized a Paleo Challenge for all 3 locations, for 6 weeks back in January/February.  During those 6 weeks,  We were blown away by the progress, and gains to both eating clean, as well as working out.

As a way to recognize all of those that participated in the challenge, we are hosting a Post Paleo Challenge party, which will include a Centurion, on Saturday April 19th.    All BWI, Syndicate and Annapolis members are invited to join us!  Here are the details:

Who: All BWI, Syndicate and Annapolis members are welcome(you can bring children but please keep in mind there were be recreational activities going on)  Please BYOB, and bring some sort of snack(post what you are bringing in the comments to avoid duplicates)

What : Centurion to celebrate the end of the Paleo Challenge.  A Centurion is a game/workout (You don’t have to wear workout clothes).  For 100 Min you will do 1 Pull-up OTM followed by a sip of a beverage of your choice.

Where : Crossfit BWI

When: April 19th starting at 3PM

Why: To Celebrate those who participated in the Paleo Challenge.

***Notice: If you choose to partake in any beverage other than water, it is your responsibility to arrange transportation, and to monitor yourself to not get out of hand.  We want this to be a fun occasion, and are very excited to see everyone there***

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