A local farmer is doing his annual offering of hormone and antiobiotic free Red Angus Beef, born and raised on his farm. Grass fed for 22 months, then fed for the final marbling, a diet of Doepkens Farm grown oats, corn and hay. He sells the meat in quarter-cows, which is A LOT of meat. For most families it would last a year. The cows go to the butcher SOON and will be available for pickup March 30th.

It is being offered at 6.85 per pound vacuum packed/frozen, cut per customer specs. Availability is limited. If I recall from years past, a quarter cow at this rate will run somewhere around $700-$900. It’s also common to get together with others and share a quarter.

If interested, contact Bill Doepkens by phone 410 279 1737 (voice or text) or email:

Doepkens Farm
2657 Davidsonville RD
Gambrills MD 21054

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