This Weekend!


Just a reminder that we will NOT be holding our CFA Kids Class OR Strength Class tomorrow (Saturday, April 12). All our other classes are on as scheduled.

It’s a busy weekend for CFA athletes! Good luck to our athletes competing in the USA Powerlifting competition at Crossfit Diesel and our athletes competing in the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge. Both competitions are being held in Columbia for those that want to come out and cheer. Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a happy weekend!


CFA Kids Spotlight Junior Athlete of the Month: Hal Olsen

Congratulations to Hal Olson for being our February Junior Spotlight Athlete!


Hal, Hal, Hal- the moment you started CrossFit kids you were so happy, you were always ready to workout, and you couldn’t wait for the game at the end. :) You have improved so much as an individual and as an athlete. You work SO hard to do all of the movements with perfect form. We love how hard you push during a workout and how much fun you have during the game. We are so happy to be able to work with you and help you become stronger and faster every week. Keep up the GREAT work, Hal- and CONGRATS, again, on the forward roll PR!

More about Hal:

1. What do you love most about CrossFit Kids?

*I like to play the games, workout, and make friends.

2. What is your favorite skill and why?

*Push ups, because they are really fun!

3. What is your favorite game?


4.Do you think you have improved since you first started?

*Yes, I have gotten stronger and I listen.

5. What is something unique about you?

*I like playing dominoes.


From the coaches:

Coach Aileen: MY MAN HAL!!! You my friend are an amazing person! I remember when I first met you, you were shy at first but then when you got to know me boy did you explode with energy and happiness! I loved it!! Hal you have become such an amazing athlete, you come in every saturday with a smile on your face and so much energy! Your form on every movement we do has improved SOOOO much! I am very proud of you and so happy to be your coach! Keep it up buddy:)

Coach Christine: Hal- what an amazing journey you’ve had since starting Crossfit kids! It’s been a joy watching you grow and become stronger each class!! I love your enthusiasm during class, especially during the games!! And your push ups ROCK!! I see why you love them so much . You are awesome Hal!!! Keep up the great work!!

Coach Erin: Hal- you are so deserving to be our February Junior Spotlight Athlete. We are so proud of you for working so hard and for the zest for life we see in you each Saturday. Thank you for being positive, fun loving, and for being so dedicated to improve every day. Don’t ever forget to be proud of who you are and ALWAYS, ALWAYS work hard and do your best. :)

Coach Lyndsy: Hal!! You have made so much progress from when you first started. It has been wonderful to see you grow into an amazing athlete! You come into each WOD with a huge smile on your face ready to take on whatever is in store for you. Keep up the great work!!!


No 9am Fri class today!

There will be NO 9am class this morning (Fri, Feb. 14). All classes will resume this afternoon. See you later today at 4pm or 5pm!

6am Cancelled for Friday, Feb. 14

The snow is still coming down! Our 6am class for Friday, February 14 is cancelled. We will update with any other schedule changes for tomorrow. Stay safe and be warm! :)

SNOW Thursday Evening Schedule Changes

Due to the weather- we will be holding only the 4pm and 5pm classes today (Thursday, Feb. 13). There will be NO 6pm or 7pm class tonight. Stay safe! Thanks all! :)

Thursday Morning Classes Cancelled!


It’s SNOWING! We hope you grabbed the essential milk, eggs, and bread at the grocery store. With the snow falling and the amount predicted, we will NOT be having our morning classes tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 13 (no 6am, 7am, or 9am class). We will re-evaluate for the afternoon classes. Stay warm everyone!

All Evening Classes Cancelled (Tues, Jan 21)


WEATHER UPDATE: Safety first! ALL classes (Crossfit, Teens and Foundations) are cancelled for this evening (Tuesday, January 21). Please check back later for information regarding classes tomorrow. Please be safe and enjoy your snow day!

December Spotlight Junior Athlete of the month: Lucy Clifton


Lucy is an amazing athlete! She always walks into CrossFit with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. You can see it in your facial expressions when she is working out that she is determined to finish and will not give up. You are strong girl Lucy and you improved so much since you first joined and we love seeing you get so much stronger. Keep up the great work Lucy!!

1. What do you love most about CrossFit Kids?

* Its fun, we get to learn new exercises.

2. What is your favorite skill and why?

* Rope Climbs, you get to climb up and slide down.

3. What is your favorite game?

* Leafs on the pond.

4. Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?

* Yes, I think I am getting stronger.

5. Tell us something unique about you:

* I can play the piano.


Coaches Input:

Aileen: Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you girl are a firecracker! You are an exceptional athlete and I love being able to teach you! You always listen and want to learn, you preform all the movements we teach to the best of your ability with perfect form always and thats what I love to see! You work hard, you smile, and you have fun! Keep up the great work Lucy!!!:)

Lyndsy: Lucy is a super athlete and so much fun to have in class! She always tries her hardest and does so with a smile. Lucy’s hard work has paid off and it really shows in the WODS when she crushes them!!!!

Christine: It is such a pleasure to coach Lucy! she always comes to class ready to work and does it with a smile . It’s awesome to see how strong Lucy has become since her first class….she is a beast on rope climbs!!! I’m looking forward to watching Lucy continue to grow as a CrossFit Kids athlete at CFA. You rock Lucy!!!!

Erin: We love our Lucy! She is so hardworking and she LOVES learning what we coach during our kids classes. She is always smiling and kind to the other kid athletes. She can kick some major butt during out WODs (Lucy’s big brothers better watch out!). :) Keep it up Lucy- you rock at CFA Kids AND you play the piano!??! You are AMAZING!


CFA Kid’s Junior Athlete of the Month!

CONGRATS TO CFA KID Athlete of the Month- ALEX ERB!


CROSSFIT KIDS: The month of November is here and you know what that means….CrossFit kids junior athlete of the month!!! Congratulations to ALEX ERB!!! Alex, you always come to CrossFit Kids wanting to work hard and try new things. You always have a smile on your face when warming up and for the games but when it comes to the WOD you have this determined look in your eyes that is awesome to watch. You have passion for working out and you always work hard until the second of class. You have been improving tremendously and we love to see that in our athletes. Keep up the good work Alex!!! **Here are some questions we asked Alex and his responses**

1: What do you love most about CrossFit kids?

*Crossfit kids is super fun. I really enjoy learning new exercises and getting stronger.

2: What is your favorite skill and why?

*My favorite is pull-ups because when I do them I can feel my muscles getting stronger and it’s thrilling to lift my whole body weight!

3: What is your favorite game?

*CrossFit dodge-ball.

4: Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?

*Yes. I think I’ve gotten better at bear-crawls, rope climbs and pull-ups.

5: Tell us something unique about you?

I love to put on costumes and go to the Renaissance Festival.

Coaches Comments! :)

*Coach Christine: Alex is one of our original CrossFit Kids at CFA. He is always positive and gives 110% at each class. It’s been a pleasure seeing Alex transform into a true CrossFitter….you rock Alex!!

*Coach Lyndsy: Alex always works hard in every WOD…and he smiles the whole time! He is a focused athlete and really pays attention to proper form. Keep up the great work!!

*Coach Erin: Alex is a super dedicated CFA kids athlete. His squat has improved so much and he does a great job listening and picking up our coaching cues. He is a great example to all our CFA Kids on what you get when you work hard! Go Alex!!

*Coach Aileen: Alex you are a beast man!!!! You work so hard in the WODs and you never give up, you listen and ask questions when we go over the skills and that tells me that you want to learn and improve, and then when the game comes aroundyou have so much fun and are so enthusiastic! Just wait until we play CrossFit dodge ball again….your going down!!!!

1167592_10151550838552721_644260015_oKeep up the AWESOMENESS, ALEX! :)

Ripley Race 5K/1 Mile Fun Run

RR 2011 - RR Banner

Kids and Adults! Join us for the Ripley Race 5K/1 Mile Fun Run! Mark your calendars for Sunday, Nov. 3rd at 9am at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

The Ripley Race raises awareness, money and support for our wounded veterans. Be fit, strong, and support an important cause by registering and running. Join under Team “Crossfit Annapolis” when you sign up.

RR 2011 - Race Start Under Arch

We hope to have a good showing! This is an extremely family friendly event and great local 5K/1 mile run. For those with kids who are interested, there will also be a fun Ripley Race Clinic to help children “train”. This begins Sept. 22 and will meet every Sunday at 2pm for 6 weeks at the Bate’s Track. Go to for more info and to register.

So sign you and the kids up, get the kids to our Saturday CFA Kids class and the Ripley Race Clinic on Sundays, and join us at our CFA Endurance classes on Mondays and Thursday evenings to have us help you prepare for the 5K/1 Mile Fun Run. We hope to see a lot of Team “Crossfit Annapolis” athletes out there! :)