Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule


Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule:

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Here is our holiday schedule for the week!

 Wednesday (Nov. 27) - ONLY  6am, 9am, 4pm and 5pm classes (NO 6pm or 7pm)

Thursday (Nov. 28) - Turkey Day- gobble, gobble! We are CLOSED but please join us for the:

7th Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot at Fleet Feet Annapolis

*If you plan on participating in this event, please make sure that you have signed up via the link above.  Additionally, those who are participating in the run, we will be meeting at the Starbucks at the City Dock at 845am on Thursday morning and we will be running the 5K.  Please make sure to wear your CFA Apparel, so we can continue to represent our gym in the community! *

Friday (Nov. 29) - 10am Class Only

Saturday (Nov. 30) - 10am Class Only  (NO CROSSFIT KIDS)

Sunday (Nov. 31)- 930am CFA Yoga and 11am Class

CFA Holiday Party v2.0


‘Tis the season to be jolly so let’s deck our drinks with berries and holly!

CrossFit Annapolis Holiday Party

When:  December 13, 2013 @ 7:00pm

Where:  Epping Forest Clubhouse – 354 Severn Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

It is that time of year again and we, at CrossFit Annapolis, would like to thank you guys for helping us be the most successful CrossFit Gym in the world!  As we grow, we continue to evolve to ensure that you guys get the best possible coaching and programming available.  Additionally, we recognize the value and power of the community that has been created here.  So, we are inviting you out to mix, mingle, and celebrate the season and wrap up another amazing year at CrossFit Annapolis.

We will be having the event catered with hors d’oeuvres (gluten-free options as well) and an open bar (limited to beer and wine).  Feel free to ditch your workout clothes and look to dress to impress!  Additionally, we will have several cab services on stand-by to be utilized if things get too crazy!

Tickets for the event will be 20.00 dollars per person, BUT every ticket purchased will be entered into a raffle to WIN a 3 Month FREE CrossFit Membership.

If you could please RSVP to by December 2nd that would be greatly appreciated so we can get an adequate head count for the caterer – please include if you will be bringing your significant other/spouse. Additionally, there will be a sign in sheet available at the box if you don’t RSVP via email.

You can choose to pay via cash, square* or paypal (send to

*If you choose to use square cash, CLICK HERE for directions on how to use.

There are no shortcuts…

How often does a new ‘miracle berry’ burst onto the market, promising to be the cure for weight loss and the path to optimal health? It seems pretty much monthly there is a new shake, berry, supplement or other concoction that promises the world and beyond. I always wonder, how many times will people be tricked into this gimmick? Of course, what is implied by the term ‘miracle’ is this idea that you can eat whatever you want and still have a beautiful lean physique and healthy body.

In comes reality! No matter what someone believes, they will always have certain requirements for health and, if those requirements are not met, they will have to face the consequences. No pill or potion will ever be a panacea for health and – without question, it will never come in a nicely wrapped package. This idea of a health shortcut is at the core of every miracle cure and plays upon our desire to get what we want without doing the work required to achieve. You can eat whatever you want, do whatever you want and just eat this berry or do this 4 minute exercise once a week and you will be fine. Great idea! Unfortunately, it does not and never will work this way.

But my mom used that berry drink and she lost weight and is healthier now. How did this happen?

If a person goes from eating terrible food to drinking berry juice that actually has nutrients in it, they will get healthier – not because the berry was a miracle but instead because it contained nutrients that replaced the horrible food that they were consuming previously. ‘Miracle berries’ can still be foods that contain nutrients that are good for your body. However, nothing can compensate for the ongoing process of fulfilling the needs of the body with real food, real movement and quality chiropractic care to maintain the health of the Brain – Body Connection.

It really is just that simple – give your body what it needs and avoid what it doesn’t. Rinse and repeat.


Welcome our newest addition to CFA…KILL CLIFF

We are proud to be a new vendor of Kill Cliff Recovery Drink, and are excited to share with you why we added it to our arsenal.

Why are we carrying Kill Cliff Recovery Drink?

  • To provide a “Tasty” (kudos to their marketing for this “flavor”) way to help your body recover from the intense workouts you perform here at CFA. 

What is Kill Cliff

  • A delicious… i mean, Tasty… lightly carbonated drink designed to speed recovery by reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • Almost all-natural (only the low-calorie sweetener, Sucralose, which is derived from sugar is not all-natural)
  • Designed by a former Navy SEAL and people who know exactly how it feels to be crushed by an intense WOD

What’s in the can?

If you look at the ingredient list on a can of Kill Cliff, you’ll notice there aren’t a lot of useless sugars and stimulants in it. But you might not know what all the ingredients are for. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose for a faster and more effective recovery.

The ingredients can be broken down into four main groups:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Stress Relief
  • Circulatory health
  • Digestive Help

Anti-Inflammatory Agents

The anti-inflammatory ingredients in Kill Cliff are Ginger Extract, Milk Thistle, and Bromelain. Everybody who trains is familiar with the stiffness and soreness caused by inflammation. Kill Cliff thought, “How great would it be if you didn’t have to deal with those symptoms the next day?”  So they set to find out, and came up with Kill Cliff, and.. it works great!

De-Stressing Your Body

Kill Cliff contains Taurine and Ginseng Root Powder to help reduce physiological stress caused by working out. Taurine prevents oxidative stress induced by exercise and Ginseng Root Powder is an all-natural adaptogen (a product that increases the body’s resistance to stress). Hard training and work outs put a lot of stress on your body, and Kill Cliff helps your body recover from that stress easier.

Improving Blood Flow

Kill Cliff also add Green Tea Extract , Inositol, and Caffeine for overall circulatory health. Green Tea is a well-recognized anti-oxidant and removes free radicals from your body. Inositol helps your circulatory system stay strong and able to pump blood to and from your muscles more efficiently to remove waste from hard physical activity. And while caffeine is well known as a stimulant, it also causes blood vessels to open and let blood flow more freely.

Digestive Help

And the last group of ingredients is a special formula specifically designed to help you get the most from your post workout meal. It contains

    • Glucuronolactone , a precursor for ascorbic acid synthesis
    • Lipase, which breaks down fats in the digestive system
    • Amylase, which breaks down starches
    • Protease 4.5, which helps digest protein
    • Invertase, which helps break down sugar
    • Beta-Glucanase to help break down fiber
    • Serrazimes, which are digestive enzymes

Try one soon and we know you’ll agree that Kill Cliff is an awesome addition to the CFA WOD Shop.  As with all our items up front, to make things even easier you can just use the Grab-and-Go sheet to pick up a Kill Cliff and charge it to your account!


*adapted from a blog post developed by CFCU.

No Band-Aids Necessary

Recently, it has become a hazard to do double unders/attempts at the box due to the state of our jump ropes.  Fear not, we have upgraded the jump ropes!  We have purchased a brand new set of jump ropes, ordered a replacement set of ropes for the damaged ropes, AND an appropriate holder for the ropes.  jumprope

So, in order for these ropes not to end up like the last ones, let’s store and care for them appropriately. With that being said, for optimum performance and to extend the life of these ropes, AVOID using them on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface.  Ideal surfaces are gymnasium floors, rubber coated/matted floors, or PVS matting.  NEVER bend, kink, or tie the jump rope in a knot.  Doing so will drastically reduce its efficiency and life span as well as void the warranty.

Lastly, there are two different weight/speed of ropes that need to be identified:

Buff 3.4 – Our second to heaviest cable weighing 3.4 ounces per 9 foot length (excluding handles).  Our Dual Threat cable which provides tremendous feedback allowing the athlete to jump with a broader range of tempos from very slow to super fast.  Ideal for beginners to gain a better feel for timing while jumping at slower tempos.  Also a fantastic training cable for advanced jumpers looking for greater resistance and intensity in their training.



*These are the ones with the colored handles and colored ropes
Elite 2.6 – Our mid range weighted cable weighing 2.6 ounces for a 9 foot length (excluding handles).  Our most all around utility cable offering a nice blend of light weight with increased feedback and response while it’s rigidity maintains a nice “horse shoe” shape while in motion.  Recommended for jumpers who can already turn 50+ double unders.


*These are the ones with black handles and colored ropes



Take 12 minutes to work to a Heavy 1 Rep Front Squat


5 rounds
500m row
10 push press, 115/75
2 minute rest



Front squat @32×1
5×5 rest 2 mins
10 min AMRAP
Run 400m
10 goblet squats 2/1.5 pd
10 pull-ups
*no bands; if no pull-ups do 4-5 negatives/round

Just 5 More Minutes…



Lack of sleep has become a SERIOUS problem. People just do not understand that sleep deprivation doesn’t just make you feel crappy, it actually destroys your body, your performance and your health.

“There is no favorable adaptation to sleep deprivation. Those who sleep less die younger.”

Robb Wolf, The Paleo Solution

Just for fun, let me throw some more stats at you:

  • There were 60 million sleeping pill prescriptions given out in the USA last year,
  • More than half the adult population report trouble sleeping every night and,
  • 43% report that tiredness interferes with their regular daytime activities.

…And it appears to be getting worse.

From 2000 – 2004 the number of adults using sleeping pills has in fact DOUBLED.

And even more worrying,

…the proportion of CHILDREN aged 1-19 taking prescription sleeping medication has risen 85%.

This isn’t surprising:

Our culture is productivity obsessed – time-eating activities like checking facebook, watching youtube are on the rise, and our attention is becoming increasingly segmented.

Most people know we need sleep, but not many understand the extent to which sleep affect bodily functions.

If you don’t get proper sleep or control your stress levels it will simply destroy your body.  You will even die of sleep deprivation before you die of starvation.

Below you will find several steps on how to engineer the PERFECT sleep.

1. Get to sleep by 10:30pm tonight

Most physical repair is done in the first half of the night and psychological repair and memory formation in the second half. (This is due to change in REM cycles, which I won’t get into here). If you need to get up at 7am like most people, in order to fit these repair cycles in you need to get to sleep by around 10:30pm.

2. Sleep in a completely dark room and avoid blue light before bed

Light exposure to the skin and eyes makes your brain think it’s day time and increases cortisol and suppresses melatonin.  Screens (from computers/TV’s/Phones and so forth) and bright lights make your body think it is daytime and time for activity. Cortisol levels rise and melatonin is suppressed.  Dim your lights 1-2 hours before bed.

3. Avoid Stimulants in the afternoon after 3pm

Remember the half-life of caffeine? Having coffee, coke, or tobacco after 3pm will suppress your repair hormones well into the night.

4. Avoid alcohol within 4 hours of bedtime

Alcohol cuts into deep wave sleep (responsible for your recovery, muscle regeneration and system regeneration). Just 2 standard drinks in the evening has been found to significantly decrease deep wave sleep.

5. Avoid sugar just before bed

Sugar spikes your blood sugar and the crash (stressor!) a few hours later will wake you up. Eat something higher in good fats and protein.

6. Cool your room – no higher than 70* F

Do you find you sleep better in winter? Most of the people in my office do. It has been found that people sleep best at temperatures of around 65-70*F.

7. Stretch, foam roll, do yoga daily. And time your workouts.

10 minutes of foam rolling before bed releases tension, lowers cortisol and improves sleep.

We also know that yoga, either in the morning or evening, lowers cortisol, improves core strength and maintains joint mobility (just to name a few benefits!).

Exercise also increases serotonin production and lowers cortisol levels when done in the right way. Avoid long cardio sessions over 50 minutes (Long cardio actually increases cortisol and inflammation!), and training too late in the evening.

Keep your workouts:

  • Short (less than 1 hour is best)
  • Intense
  • Functional (Squats, lunges, body weight exercises, sprints etc)

8. Take a hot bath (OR ice bath!)

The Japanese have used hot baths for thousand of years to improve sleep. It is believed to increase melatonin production. Paradoxically, cold baths also do the same thing. Ever find if you go swimming in winter you feel exceptionally relaxed afterwards and tend to sleep well that night? It is well known that swimming in cold temperatures or having an ice bath is in the words of Tim Ferriss ‘like being hit with an elephant tranquilizer’.

9. Turn off all electronic devices – Put your phone on airplane

Electromagnetic radiation is well known to disrupt sleep cycles.

10. Keep as regular a sleep schedule as possible

Train your body to produce the correct hormones at the correct times. Changes in sleep rhythms are also a stress on the body.

11. Use a wake-up light to feel better in the morning

Wake-up lights mimic the sun rising and prepare for body for wakefulness.

12. Sleep in the correct position

Sleep in a position that prevents movement and supports your body. Sleeping on your back is best. It supports a neutral spine with the least stress on the joints and ligaments. Side is second best. Tummy sleeping tends to put strain on the neck and ligaments. There are many different opinions on this topic but in my experience back sleeping, or side sleeping with a pillow sitting under the top leg (to prevent rolling onto the stomach)is best.

For a photo and good tips on positioning check out number 11 in this article by Tim Ferriss:

13. Use the right pillow

Contour memory foam pillows are without question the most supportive pillows and most conducive to side and back sleeping. Contour pillows can take a few weeks to get used to but they are fantastic and provide incredible support.

14. Meditate: Focus on your breath for 5-10 minutes

Practicing regular mindfulness and body awareness significantly reduce cortisol levels.

15. Get a good dose of sunlight during the day

Again: Train your body to produce the correct hormones at the correct times!

16. Keep your spine and Nervous System healthy

Getting adjusted by your chiropractor will ensure your nervous system is clear to do it’s job and your body will function the best that it can. Spinal imbalances also cause added stress in the body and nerves, which affects your ability to get quality sleep. The fact is you live your entire life through your nervous system. It is the coordinating system whereby countless billions of body cells interact in harmony to express mind, body, spirit, emotion, artistic talent, speed, stamina, coordination, health, every level of  performance and even the actualization of one’s potential.  Innately people recognize that the connection between the brain and the body plays a key role in living an extraordinary life. But they fail to realize it needs to be cared for and safeguarded.  Chiropractic maintains the function of the spine and nervous system through gentle spinal adjustments that reduce tension and pressure on these vital systems.

Most people believe Chiropractors are back doctors, bone doctors or spine doctors, yet Chiropractic is none of the above. Chiropractors in a Life By Design office have one  objective – to optimize and maintain the integrity of the nervous system so you can heal, sleep, move and experience the best life you possibly can. Period.


*Sourced from the Primal Sleep Kit

October JUNIOR Athlete of the Month – Kate Olson


We are happy to announce that we are choosing one of our CrossFit kids athletes each month to be a Spotlight Junior Athlete of the Month!! And for the month of October, we have decided to choose KATE OLSON to be our October Junior athlete!!! Congratulations KATE! Kate always comes to CrossFit kids super excited and ready to work hard, you can just tell when you watch her during CrossFit kids that she has a passion for it and loves challenges! She always has a smile on her face before a workout and then turns into beast mode during the workout. Keep up the good work Kate! Here are some questions we asked Kate:

What do you love most about CrossFit kids?
I love that it’s fun and I get to play. It’s just fun! Everything is fun at CrossFit Kids.
What is your favorite skill and why?
Rope climb. I like it because we only do it once in a while and when we do, it’s fun. It builds your muscles and thats good too.
What is your favorite game?
Musical Med Ball, because Im good at it and it’s fun.
Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?
Yes. I keep coming and the more you come, the better you get.
Tell us something unique about you?
My soccer coach challenged my team for juggling. He said if someone could juggle the ball 10 times in a row, he would buy us Ritas. And i did it!What Our Coaches Are Saying…

Kate is an incredibly hard worker. She is positive and encouraging. We are so proud to have her as a CFA Kid. Way to go, Kate! Keep up the great work!
- Coach Erin
Kate is a true joy to coach at CrossFit Kids! She is always smiling and working hard. Kate continues to impress me with her strength (her pull ups are amazing) great form and positive attitude! Keep up the great work Kate!!!
- Coach Tine
Kate is a Rockstar! She tries her hardest every single class.  She is also super tough!!  One great memory I have of her is when she tripped doing a box jump.  She hurt her leg but got right up and continued with the WOD.  Great job Kate!  Keep up the awesome work!
- Coach Snelson
Kate, you GO GIRL!  You always have a smile on your face when I see you and I love that!  You come to CrossFit Kids to work hard!!  And let me tell you it shows!!  You are one strong girl Kate!  You, my friend, are a great athlete to work with!  Keep working hard and never give up!!  I’m very proud of you!!!
- Coach Aileen

Are YOU living a Life By Design?


Unfortunately, in my opinion, atleast ninety percent of the people that are reading this blog currently have no idea how good their body is designed to feel or what it is truly capable of.

True health is so much more  than being symptom free, and I believe everyone is capable of performing at an exceptional level given the correct guidance, support, and action steps.

I am here to give you that.

I hope that by working with me, you are able to seize life (and your WOD’s) by the scruff of the neck and shaking everything out of it you can.

You see, here’s the thing…

For the past 50 years, human beings have been getting sicker and sicker, despite the fact we:

  1. Spend more money on ‘health’ care
  2. Have more doctors
  3. More technology
  4. And more drug prescriptions than ever before in human history…

My mission at TruCentered Chiropractic Care is to change that, and also allow you to perform as the best athlete you can, and experience life to it’s fullest potential.

For you, ‘fullest potential’ may mean…

  • Being able to do a pull-up
  • Being more productive at work
  • Doing 10 muscle-ups in a row
  • Sprinting to a PR
  • Getting to the CrossFit Games
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Having enough energy to play with your kids or walk the dog each day.

Everyone is different.

This is why, as an integrated part of Chiropractic care  and Life By Design, I also give you the things your body requires to perform at it’s best.

Life By Design – Welcome to the New World of Healthcare

In order for you to enjoy your greatest potential, your body has critical requirements for health.

While crisis and medical care is an absolutely crucial necessity in our world and saves countless lives every day, it does NOT create health.  Life By Design is based on the principle that:

  1. You are designed to be extra-ordinary! Your body is incredibly intelligent, and is constantly driving toward health by making adaptations in response to its environment.
  2. Your body has fundamental requirements it needs to function at it’s best.  Just like a plant has certain requirements for life such as water, sunlight, and oxygen; human beings have requirements too!  These include
    1. Nutrients/Fuel
    2. Rest
    3. Movement
    4. A Healthy Mind
    5. A clear nerve supply

Very few people actively provide their body with these critical requirements for LIFE, so is it any surprise we are so sick?

While drugs, surgery and medical care are vital in times of crisis, they are rendered useless and a waste of time if you do not provide your body with what it fundamentally needs for life.

Why does Life By Design work so well for CrossFitters?

CrossFitters make up the vast majority of my practice members at TruCentered Chiropractic Care, and as time goes on, this is only going to continue to increase.

CrossFitters are a completely new breed of athlete.

You see, the ‘old world’ athlete is often times much more symptom or injury based.  They will typically come to me in reaction to a problem and ask me to ‘fix’ them or make them feel better as quickly as I can.

That’s it.

Most have no interest in utilizing their body to it’s fullest potential, other than masking symptoms.

The CrossFit athlete is different.  You are all about being optimal.  Performing at your best.  Being better than yesterday.

As part of Life By Design, I recommend high intensity functional movements as part of my ‘Move by Design’ program.  This is satisfied perfectly by CrossFit, which is why I recommend all my practice members join a box if they haven’t already.

…But I think you can see there is much more to it than that.

Just like everyone here at Life By Design, CrossFitters understand better than anyone that optimal health and performance is not achieved using quick-fix approaches.

CrossFit is also a high intensity, often stressful sport.  You, as a CrossFitter, are always trying to break barriers, push boundaries and reach your full potential as an athlete.

This requires stressing your body significantly more than most other athletes.

The biggest difference is that you want to sustain this performance for LIFE.

As a result, you need more than anyone to look after your body for a proactive point of view.

NOT preventative,

NOT symptomatic,


You need to learn to create health.

There is a ton of information out there for CrossFitters designed to help you reach your goals as an athlete.

But here is what is happening…

On the path of breaking barriers, smashing PR’s and going balls to the wall in their workouts, many CrossFitters forget how important it is to PRO-actively take care of their bodies.

The result?

…I am seeing escalating levels of adrenal fatigue, inability to break plateaus, and increased injury.  This is because too many athletes are not giving their body what it fundamentally REQUIRES to adapt to these stressors.

Which is why I am writing this TODAY…AND in addition, if you would like, I’ll teach you a few things that might be a bit different.


551601_360390614018816_1396131812_nIf you are interested, you can email Dr. B aka Coach Bryant at to schedule your appointment.

*adapted from CrossFitters Performance Kit by Dr. Ellie Stockley of Life Chiropractic Studio.

Technical Difficulties…



We, at CrossFit Annapolis, would like to apologize for all the technical difficulties that have been experienced at the box recently regarding Wodify and MindBody.  We are currently in the midst of trying to streamline processes and as a result of that streamlining, we have encountered some difficulties that we unexpected.

Recently, we have merged our WODIFY accounts with our sister facility, CrossFit BWI.  Due to this merging, WODIFY has not been able to post to our blog or our facebook page, hence why you, our members, were unable to get notifications of the daily WODs.  We are currently in dialogue with WODIFY to rectify this situation.  In the meantime, if you have the WODIFY application on your smart phone, there are some steps that need to be taken in order to get the application back up and functioning.  The first step is to DELETE the current application off your smart phone.  Once you have deleted the application, you need to delete your cookies from the default web browser (for iPhone users: Safari) – go to settings then the default browser and delete cookies and data.  Next, you can go to your default web browser and enter in the browser and log in.  Following log-in, you can now add this page to your home screen.

*Disclaimer.  If you have downloaded the new iOS7 for the iPhone, there have been some difficulties with the app BUT you can still open up WODIFY in your web browser.

Again, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced.  If you have any difficulties with this procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask one of your coaches to assist you.