“Getting Real In The Kitchen” with Gina Rieg – Paleo Cooking Seminar at CrossFit Syndicate




On Sunday, March 9th, CrossFit Syndicate is  hosting a Paleo Cooking Seminar called “Getting Real in the Kitchen” by Gina Rieg

The goal of this seminar is to provide a detailed look at mixing and matching meats, veggies and seasonings and creating amazing tasting paleo dishes in minimal time!


  • How do I transition myself and my family to healthier, homemade, nutrient-dense REAL foods?
  • How do I get out of this cooking rut?
  • What are some TRULY healthy staple meals that I can count on?
  • WHAT DOES a completely REAL food dinner look like?

In this class:

  • Receive REAL food guidance providing you with tools to use in your own kitchen and life!
  • View live demos with REAL TIME cooking instruction.
  • Enjoy a good sized sample of the prepared meal.
  • Build your REAL food relationships. Be motivated & empowered!

Do NOT wait to sign up, we are capping the seminar at 50 people and spots will go fast!

WHEN: SUNDAY, MARCH 9th from 2pm – 4pm

 COST : $48 per person





Me 9 2012 medium size 0 128x300 Getting Real in the Kitchen With Gina Rieg   Paleo Cooking Seminar at CFS!

About Gina Rieg
Gina is a Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with SUNY college.  Additionally, she is certified as a  Holistic Health Professional through the American Association of Drugless Practicioners. Serving as  a Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Mid-Atlantic Health Coach Association.  I also hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland College Park.






Eat By Design Seminar



Sunday, February 16th, 2014 @ 12:30pm


CrossFit Annapolis


Eat By Design:

  • works in harmony with our body’s genetic make-up and design. It is not a diet, but instead an approach to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body for optimal function.

  •  teaches people how to eat to create health, instead of eating to alleviate a symptom or to treat a disease.

  • is a sustainable, enjoyable and incredibly healthy approach to eating for life.

**All attendees will receive the Eat By Design Manual.**


This seminar, hosted by Dr. Bryant Harris, will help you learn the principles of Eat By Design.  If you are interested in attending please email Dr. Bryant Harris at drharris@trucentered.com



Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Mastery

We, at CrossFit Annapolis, have committed ourselves to maintaining a level of excellence and virtuosity and instill those traits into each one of our athletes.  Below you will find a letter from the Founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, to CrossFit Trainers Worldwide which may shed some light as to why WE focus heavily on the basics/fundamentals and form and the direction you may see the box shifting in an effort to maintain the level of excellence and virtuosity that we have become known for.

Fundamentals, Virtuosity, and Mastery

An Open Letter to CrossFit Trainers
CrossFit Journal August 2005
Greg Glassman

In gymnastics, completing a routine without error will not get you a perfect score, the 10.0—only a 9.7. To get the last three tenths of a point, you must demonstrate “risk, originality, and virtuosity” as well as make no mistakes in execution of the routine.

Risk is simply executing a movement that is likely to be missed or botched; originality is a movement or combination of movements unique to the athlete—a move or sequence not seen before. Understandably, novice gymnasts love to
demonstrate risk and originality, for both are dramatic, fun, and awe inspiring—especially among the athletes themselves, although audiences are less likely to be aware when either is demonstrated.

Virtuosity, though, is a different beast altogether. Virtuosity is defined in gymnastics as “performing the common uncommonly well.” Unlike risk and originality, virtuosity is elusive, supremely elusive. It is, however, readily recognized by audience as well as coach and athlete. But more importantly, more to my point, virtuosity is more than the requirement for that last tenth of a point; it is always the mark of true mastery (and of genius and beauty).

There is a compelling tendency among novices developing any skill or art, whether learning to play the violin, write poetry, or compete in gymnastics, to quickly move past the fundamentals and on to more elaborate, more sophisticated movements, skills, or techniques. This compulsion is the novice’s curse—the rush to originality and risk.

The novice’s curse is manifested as excessive adornment, silly creativity, weak fundamentals and, ultimately, a marked lack of virtuosity and delayed mastery. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to be taught by the very best in any field you’ve
likely been surprised at how simple, how fundamental, how basic the instruction was. The novice’s curse afflicts learner and teacher alike. Physical training is no different.

What will inevitably doom a physical training program and dilute a coach’s efficacy is a lack of commitment to fundamentals. We see this increasingly in both programming and supervising execution. Rarely now do we see prescribed
the short, intense couplets or triplets that epitomize CrossFit programming.

Rarely do trainers really nitpick the mechanics of fundamental movements. understand how this occurs. It is natural to want to teach people advanced and fancy movements. The urge to quickly move away from the basics and toward advanced movements arises out of the natural desire to entertain your client and impress him with your skills and knowledge. But make no mistake: it is a sucker’s move. Teaching a snatch where there is not yet an overhead squat, teaching an overhead squat where there is not yet an air squat, is a colossal mistake. This rush to advancement increases the chance of injury, delays advancement and progress, and blunts the client’s rate of return on his efforts. In short, it retards his fitness.

If you insist on basics, really insist on them, your clients will immediately recognize that you are a master trainer. They will not be bored; they will be awed. I promise this. They will quickly come to recognize the potency of fundamentals.
They will also advance in every measurable way past those not blessed to have a teacher so grounded and committed to basics.

Training will improve, clients will advance faster, and you will appear more experienced and professional and garner more respect, if you simply recommit to the basics.

There is plenty of time within an hour session to warm up, practice a basic movement or skill or pursue a new PR or max lift, discuss and critique the athletes’ efforts, and then pound out a tight little couplet or triplet utilizing these skills or just play. Play is important. Tire flipping, basketball, relay races, tag, Hooverball, and the like are essential to good programming, but they are seasoning—like salt, pepper, and oregano. They are not main courses.

CrossFit trainers have the tools to be the best trainers on earth. I really believe that. But good enough never is, and we want that last tenth of a point, the whole 10.0. We want virtuosity!!

You Want Me To Do How Many Reps…31×1


On occasion you may see that we have started putting in tempo prescriptions for some of the movements, specifically lifts.

To explain what these numbers mean lets use the squat at a tempo of 31X1.

The FIRST number indicates the lowering (eccentric) part of the lift. In this case, the athlete will lower to the bottom of the squat in 3 seconds. This forces the athlete to maintain tension and control of themselves instead of divebombing.

The SECOND number tells the athlete how long to hold the bottom of the lift. In this case, maintaining tension and good position at the bottom for one second. Don’t get soft!

The THIRD number indicates the speed at which the athlete should ascend to the top of the lift (concentric phase). If it’s 3, then 3 seconds up to the top. If you see X, such as in our example, then this means to explode up to the top as fast as possible. Follow the tempo even if you can move the weight faster.

The FOURTH number tells us how long to hold the top of the movement. In this case a one second hold at the top to get reorganized for the next rep. In all cases, the first number of a tempo lift is always the lowering (eccentric) portion, even if the movement starts with the ascending (concentric) portion (like a weighted pull up).

Why do we doing this? A few reasons:

  1. Constantly Varied. We hear this all the time in CrossFit. Switch things up instead of just going for Max effort lifts all the time.
  2. Focus on muscular elements versus tendinous elements (a slow, controlled motion is going to place more stress on the muscles, whereas a bouncy or ballistic motion will place more stress on the tendons, etc.)
  3. Improved Stability.
  4. Get stronger of course! More time under tension = gains, gains, more gains!

Paleo Challenge 2014



This year, our sister facility CrossFit BWI will be hosting a Paleo Challenge beginning on Monday, January 20th concluding on Friday, February 28th (coincedently right before the initial Crossfit Open Workout).  In order to participate in the challenge, there will be a $20 buy in which will go towards the 1st Prize Winners (one Male and one Female), in addition to a  party to celebrate with a Centurion in March! Any leftover proceeds will donated to a charity to be determined at a later date.  In preparation for this challenge, our very own Ryan Thompson, will be hosting a nutrition discussion on Saturday, January 18th at 10am followed by a Group Benchmark WOD at 11AM (to be retested at the end of the challenge to help determine how much progress is made).  Make sure to bring paper and pen for notes if needed/desired.  The discussion will be an excellent  is opportunity to gain clarification surrounding the guidelines of the challenge and/or any questions or concerns regarding adopting a paleo diet.  If you are unable to attend the nutrition discussion, or the 11AM Benchmark WOD, you will still be able to perform the benchmark WOD on that Saturday, January 18th during your regular class time, just ask any coach for additional details.

All the rules will be posted on the CrossFit BWI Blog/facebook, and we will also provide you with a suggested shopping list to guide you in the right direction.


Christmas Time Is Here….

We Wish Everyone A Happy, Healthy and Warm Holiday Season! Thank You For Making 2013 One Of Our Best Years Yet. Here Is To An Even Better 2014!


Here Is Our Holiday Schedule:

Christmas Eve (December 24th)- 10am ONLY
Christmas Day (December 25th)- CLOSED
December 26th – 10am ONLY

New Years Eve (December 31st)- 10am ONLY
New Years Day (January 1st)- CLOSED

Should I Take Supplements?


Generally speaking, if you are eating a diet consisting of real foods then you should be fulfilling your body’s nutrient requirements. But, at times, we may need to fill the gaps where are diet may be lacking.  Below you will find three (3) supplements which I find to be essential to aid in filling those gaps; many of which you all may be taking now.

Vitamin D Optimization

Getting adequate vitamin D is essential for your health.  With over 3000 binding sites for Vitamin D in every cell, we are clearly designed to spend time in the sun supplying our body with the ryas that aid in the production of vital pro-hormone.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles rarely allow for such regular sun exposure, especially in northern climates.  On top of this, except for fatty ocean fish, there is very little Vitamin D in any commonly consumed natural foods.

How Much Do I Need?

The best way to know how much Vitamin D you need to first determine your current blood levels of Vitamin D.  For optimization, your blood Vitamin D levels should be between 35-50 ng/mL for adults and children.  Unfortunately, most of us fall seriously short.  Children under the age of one can begin with 1000 IU, increasing 25 IU/lb of body weight until reaching the adult dosage.  Some people may need more for a period of time, but typically 4000-6000 IU/day will maintain your levels in an adequate range for normal physiological function.

Recommended Brand:  PurePharma Vitamin D3

Omega 3 Saturation

Historically, we obtained our essential fatty acids, both Omega 3 and 6, from dietary sources of wild game, seafood, and less appetizing sources like grubs and insects.  Our modern grain-fed food supply, complete with refined vegetable oils rich in omega 6, has completely altered the critical balance of omega 3:6 in our modern diet.  Supplementing your diet with pure, pharmaceutical-grade fish oils have proven the best way to re-balance this all-important ratio, while you reel in your omega 6 consumption .

How Much Do I Need?

We recommend 2-4 grams of total EPA/DHA per day.  However, if you are eating a diet filled with real foods, you may require less or even none to maintain your omega 3:6 ratio in a 1:1 balance.  We strongly recommend a liquid dose but capsules will work, as long as you don’t mind the inconvenience of choking down a big handful of capsules.

Recommended Brands:  Stronger Faster Healthier  SO3 (Liquid) or PurePharma 03 (Capsule)



We rely on our first dose of quality bacteria to happen to via the birth process.  Soon after that, we ate dirt and the many billions of organisms that came along for the ride.  The problem today is that we don’t eat dirt; we wash everything.  Additionally, we kill of many of our probiotic bacteria with poor nutrition, prescription drugs and highly stressful lifestyles.  For these reasons, it’s wise to take a probiotic supplement.

How Much Do I Need?

We recommend you begin taking a broad-spectrum probiotic, 10-30 billion CFU/day.

Recommended Brand: Prescript-Assist Broad Spectrum Probiotic


Nine Ways To Not Get Fat, Sick, & Gross Over The Holidays


The holidays are upon us once again. It seems like it only took a year to recover from last year’s health problems that were born from terrible food, plenty of alcohol, no exercise and ridiculous amounts of stress. There’s no surprise that more heart attacks occur in December and January than any other months of the year.

Take the time this season to truly enjoy your family and friends, but follow these steps so you can live to tell about it!

1. Decide you want to be healthy

The first step towards any positive change is making the decision you actually want it to happen.

2. Have a vision

Plenty of people have dreams of being healthy but, without a detailed plan, it will never come to fruition. Add a well-thought-out plan based on correct principles and now you have a vision that will inspire and motivate.

3. See your Chiropractor

Often seen as an intervention for aches and pains, chiropractic is a more significant part of the health process than you’d expect. Keeping a healthy spine and nerve system is a vital piece for staying healthy and handling the stress of the season. (*Remember the author of this blog post)

4. Schedule your holiday season

Create a schedule of your holiday season with all events, parties and even days off. See the future before it happens and plan accordingly. Be ready to adapt to any obstacles that may be in your path.

 5. Plan your meals

You are already going to be facing some “off-track” opportunities; make sure the rest of your meals fit all of the By Design principles. You can offset some of the negative effects by ensuring every other meal is built from high quality real food.

 6. Party survival basics

When you do make it to the party, focus on protein (meat, cheese, nuts) instead of crackers, breads and other treats. If you are drinking alcohol, choose red wine, potato vodka or cider.

 7. Regular movement

Be sure to continue with your regular exercise! Special tip: Always exercise on any day you may not be eating 100% By Design foods.

 8. Have fun

Enjoy yourself, don’t beat yourself up, and get right back on the wagon if you do fall off. Don’t allow one bad meal or day to become an entire month or more.

 9. Plan for next year before next year

It’s a big mistake to wait until the new year to plan your vision and action steps for success. Use December as a great time to start thinking about next year, what you want for your life, and how you plan on making it happen.



**UPDATE** CFA Holiday Party v2.0

Holiday Party


It still is not too late to sign up for this years holiday party!  For all those that had signed up on the clipboard with a Credit Card, unfortunately, we need for you all to either supply cash, check (made out to Bryant Harris), paypal or square (emailed to drbryant@crossfitannapolis.com) by no later than December 12th.

Raffle Items will include the following:

  • Three (3) Month Free Membership
  • Two (2) University of Maryland Men’s Basketball Tickets
  • A complimentary ninety (90) minute massage from Susan Mahoney
  • A “fit” session with Lululemon Athletica of Annapolis
  • A Tessamae’s All Natural Dressing and Marinade Gift Basket

Dinner With The Doc



Welcome to the New World of Healthcare

Did YOU know that in order for you to enjoy your greatest potential, your body has critical requirements for health?

While crisis and medical care is an absolutely crucial necessity in our world and saves countless lives every day, it does NOT create health.

Life By Design is based on the principle that:

  1. You are designed to be extra-ordinary! Your body is incredibly intelligent, and is constantly driving toward health by making adaptations in response to its environment.
  2. Your body has fundamental requirements it needs to function at it’s best.  Just like a plant has certain requirements for life such as water, sunlight, and oxygen; human beings have requirements too!  These include
    1. Nutrients/Fuel
    2. Rest
    3. Movement
    4. A Healthy Mind
    5. A clear nerve supply

Very few people actively provide their body with these critical requirements for LIFE, so is it any surprise we are so sick?

While drugs, surgery and medical care are vital in times of crisis, they are rendered useless and a waste of time if you do not provide your body with what it fundamentally needs for life.

COME JOIN DR. BRYANT ON TUESDAY, DEC. 10th @ The Greene Turtle in Annapolis (177 Jennifer Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401) from 7:30PM to 8:30PM TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN START LIVING A LIFE BY DESIGN.

Space is limited to 10 people.  Food will be provided. Register HERE!