August Athlete Spotlight

August's Athlete Spotlight is Phil Gerdes! 






         Our August Athlete Spotlight is Phil Gerdes! Phil is one of our newer members. He started CrossFit in the spring and has been soaring since stepping foot in the box. He came in like a tornado eager to get stronger, better and faster. I remember seeing him in his first few classes. He would watch people climb the ropes and do pull ups and you could see the fire in his eyes. He was ready to get there too. Sure enough he has been setting goals and crushing them ever since. According to Coach Erin, Phil is “super motivated, hard working and always gives 200%. He will tell you how much CrossFit has positively impacted his life, which is so incredible to hear. His positive attitude echoes throughout our box. He has set goals, reached them and then set bigger ones”. Coach Ryan M. couldn’t agree more. He added that Phil “is one of the most dedicated athletes we have at CFA and its been 
awesome watching him crush goal after goal!” So, let’s get to know more about Phil in his own words.

How did you first get involved with CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

I first got involved with CrossFit by talking with a few guys that I play flag football with.  I was telling them that I was looking for something to get me back in the gym, but something that was CRAZY and would keep me hooked.  I had done, P90X and Insanity but I was miserable during them both.  I didn't want that again!

First WOD… WOW!  I'll say this, I honestly, without question, thought the warm up was the WORKOUT!  LOL.  I couldn't believe how serious it was, and that was only foundations.  It really humbled me, and showed me just how out of shape I had become.  I remember getting home and having to have my wife feed me because I was so out of it.  Sounds nuts, but it WHIPPED MY BUTT!

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting CF?

As for changes in my body and life.  It's been wonderful.  I feel that I am in the best shape of my life right now.  I am still not where I'd ultimately like to be, but I've seen so much growth.  Even though I feel like I look better than ever, it's more than that for me, it's how I feel.  I am stronger, I am faster, I am doing things at home with better form, I am more focused.  I just love how I feel!

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

I have several.  More than I can mention.  CrossFit for me has been full of so much growth.  For example, I couldn't do 1 pull up and I had never climbed a rope in my life.  Just the other day, I PR'ed at weighted pull ups 57lbs., and I am climbing ropes with only my hands, no legs!  It's just incredible!  I'd have to say though, the best moment I've experienced so far is when I did 20 kipping pull ups unbroken!  It was amazing!  I had been working so hard to get it and when I did, I actually could have done more.  I was so excited though, I just jumped off the bar!

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

What I enjoy most is without question, the family atmosphere.  From the first day I walked in the box, people at CrossFit Annapolis treated me like we were friends for years!  It was such an inviting experience.  Everyday I look forward to being in class and look forward to seeing everyone.  Knowing that everyone will be rooting for each other, and the motivation that will be at the box is very inspiring.

What goals are you working on?

Right now my goals are to do well in the Festivus Games on August 4th, to get double unders on demand, without having to work up to momentum.  Physically, I am very focused on working my core and burning body fat, over all toning.

Overall, I'm very excited.  It may seem ambitious at this point, but I am excited to compete in the next open.  I'm excited to be a part of CrossFit years from now!


Your enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring, Phil. Thanks for being such a wonderful member of the CFA Family. Good luck at the Festivus Games. We will all be cheering for you! Kill it!


  1. Awesome! Keep it up man

  2. Nice work Phil!!

  3. I love the comment “du’s on demand”…congrats!

  4. Phil, I can’t believe it- No really, I just can’t believe it, you? LOL Sike. I love the natural competitiveness you exude. I may have taught you many things at CF, but what is natural is natural and I can say- you got it going on! I can’t wait to work harder, push harder and have a better looking ‘after’ photo than you! Thanks for being a great teammate!

  5. Great job, Phil! Keep up the hard work and be so proud of how far you have come! :)

  6. Gar Whaley says:

    Congratulations Phil-you truly deserve this honor. It’s really great working out with you since we’ve become such good friends. Keep up the great work.Gar

  7. You rock Phil!

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