April Athlete of the Month – Sarah Olson!


Congrats to this month’s athlete of the month, Sarah Olson! All your amazing hard work as paid off!

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

My husband kept encouraging me to try crossfit after Lily (our 3rd) was born.  I finally went online and signed up for the free 1 hour intro with Walt.  I felt a bit intimidated at first and was probably sore for a week after that first WOD.  I honestly don’t even remember what it was!!  I do remember that I wanted to come back.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

I feel strong.  I’ve been “fit” and “in shape” before but it is different.  I can throw my 6 year old over my shoulder if I need to and not hurt my back :)

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

This is a tough one, there are several.  I recently let my “friends” convince me to sign up for the open.  That was an amazing experience (first ever toes to bar and chest to bar pull ups).  I had NO business doing 50 toes to bar, but I did.  I realized there were some things I can do that I didn’t realize I was strong enough to try.  Those were some pretty exhausting work outs.  My other favorite CrossFit moment(s) are watching my kids at CrossFit kids.  The coaches that work with the little people are truly an amazing group of women.  My son was afraid to do most of the activities when he first started coming, and frankly, some of them are very hard for him to do.  Now, he looks forward to going to CrossFit and both of my kids are pretty mad at Mom and Dad if we can’t go or forget to go on Saturdays. In general, every accomplishment or “first” is celebrated, whether with a video posted or a quiet “Great job” from other athletes and coaches.

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

I enjoy the camaraderie at CFA. I didn’t join to make friends, but I have met many awesome people that I do consider friends.  There is always someone to push me a little harder, even on those days I don’t want to push myself.  Everyone supports one another.   I love the fact that on any average day at 6 am, there are people from their early 20′s to late 60′s working out together and supporting everyones efforts and successes.  I also enjoy the coaches at CFA, although in general the coaching is consistent between them, they all bring such a unique set of qualities to the box in both talent and personality.

What goals are you working on?

  My goal in general is to complete the Rx workout.  After completing the open workouts, I need to sit down and come up with something more specific?  Maybe a muscle up someday??? :)  

What the Coaches are saying:

“Intensity, Reflection, Awareness. Those are a few of the traits i admire about Sarah. She brings intensity with each movement and a will to complete each workout, no matter if it’s her perfect double under’s or each opportunity to improve toes-to-bar. Sarah has been a constant pillar at 6am. We all wish her and her family great success and happiness in their move this summer. As an athlete, she is constantly reflecting on her  performance, what she felt great about, what she will focus on next time and truly aware of seeking perfect form to the best of her ability. It has  been a pleasure to coach Sarah. You are a Great Athlete, Great Mom and a Great Person.” Coach Dan Dupras

“Sarah has exemplified the precept that function follows form; dedicated technique work and strict adherence to making each rep look the same as the previous one has yielded her PR after PR.” Coach Gabe

“Sarah is a wonder athlete and person. She is always striving to be just a tad bit better each day.  She goes outside her comfort zone and tries things that scare her.  Her growth in CrossFit has been remarkable. Great job Sarah, keep up the awesome work!”

March Athlete of the Month – JJ Ferreira!

Congrats JJ! Keep up all the awesome work!!
1) How did you first get involved with CrossFit?  Take us back to your first WOD – how did that feel?  What did you think?
            I first got involved in CrossFit when Laura Chiriaco successfully convinced me to do an intro with Bryant.  I had been living with Laura and Natalie for over 4 months, thinking they were CRAZY to be getting up at 5:30 to go to a 6am workout.  I finally was convinced to give it a shot, and went into my first intro.  This is the workout that I remember the most.  Bryant took me through a bunch of movements and what felt like 10,000 KB swings… After feeling dead from this alone, he had me do Helen for my workout.  I remember hating the KB swings and being SO winded from that workout.  It was one of the hardest workouts that I had done since college, and it made me feel alive again.  I loved feeling exhausted and like I had worked so hard to finish.  I was hooked immediately!
2) What changes have you seen in your body, health, and overall fitness since starting at CFA?
            Since starting at CFA, I have seen drastic changes in myself.  As a college gymnast, I thought that I was in the best shape that I could have ever been in.  I was completely wrong.  Since beginning at CFA, I can honestly say that I am in the BEST shape of my life.  I feel healthier, stronger, and more confident than I ever had in my whole life.  I’ve lost weight and I can physically see the muscle gains.  Again, I have to thank my amazing girlfriend Laura for getting me to join CrossFit and for pushing me inside and outside of the gym with completing WODs, the Whole30, and eating Paleo.  Without her push, I would not be at CFA and I would be unmotivated and uninterested in changing my lifestyle.
3) What is your favorite CrossFit moment?
            My favorite CrossFit moment was actually the first week of the open, and completing 14.1 with my CFA family all around me.  It was a blast getting to feel like I was competing again. I loved every second of the workout and I especially enjoyed being able to watch my fellow CFA athletes being so successful!
4) What do you most enjoy about being an athlete at CFA?
            I most enjoy the camaraderie within the CFA athletes.  The whole gym is amazing.  All of the coaches are motivating and all of the athletes support one another.  It feels like being a part of a team again.  Especially with my 6am crew.  It’s hard to have fun and enjoy working out at 6 in the morning, but NOT with this group!  Shoutout to Scott Obici and Curt Clifton for taking me under their wings when I first started.  They wouldn’t let me move on without pushing myself to my limits and adding just a little bit more weight.  Thanks guys!
5) What goals are you working on?
            I’m currently working on getting consistent with stringing butterfly pull-ups during a WOD, and I’m always working on increasing my PRs.  My weakest lifts are squats and deadlifts, and I am determined to continue increasing strength!
What the Coaches are saying:
“JJ is consistently hardworking, always maintains great form and his gymnastics skills make me blush.” Coach Gabe
“JJ has an intrinsic drive to get better everyday. He can perform every test CrossFit can throw at you and he continues to be coachable and kick each WOD in the teeth with flawless technique. It is a pleasure to witness
one of CFA best athlete’s work his ass off every day and still focus on perfecting his technique like it’s his first day of CrossFit.” Coach Dan Dupras
“JJ is always a joy to have in class.  His hard work and constant enthusiasm always make it fun to coach him.  Keep up the great work JJ!” Coach Shannon

February Athlete of the Month- Andrea Kibalo


Congratulations to our February Athlete of the Month, Andrea Kibalo!! Awesome job! Keep up the hard work! 

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

I kept hearing about Crossfit and finally decided to give it a try.  I figured I was in decent shape playing lacrosse most of my life, working out regularly, and insane enough to like the torture. The first WOD was rough…I remember being so nervous with all the other foundation newbies, hoping not to look like a complete idiot. It was running then 21-15-9 of ring rows, squats and push-ups followed by another run, a workout that probably wouldn’t even phase me now. We did the same workout 4 weeks later and everyone saw improvement.

 What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

If you do Crossfit and don’t like the changes to your body, health, and overall fitness you are a crazy person.  Crossfit is awesome and makes you feel awesome.  I have never been stronger or in better shape.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

Anytime I get PR (or anyone else does), finish a workout that I thought would kill me, see that squats are part of the workout (especially back and overhead), and anytime there is no running:)

 What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

I know everyone says it, but I love all the athletes and coaches, especially the 6am crew and the newly formed CFA drinking/fun club.  I have been here 1 year and I love it.  I have never seen so much cheering for someone finishing last (trust me it has been me plenty of times) or had so many people believe in me more than I do.

What goals are you working on?

Strict pull-ups

Double unders – they are impossible, maybe one day I will get more than 3 in a row…

Relearning rope climbs with the pinch so I don’t have permanent scarring on my ankle

RXing as much as I can even if it takes me forever to finish the workout

 What the Coaches are saying:

“Andrea’s consistency, hard work and practiced movement patterns are an example for all other athletes to follow! Without her vital guidance on music choice, the 6am would listen to nothing but Hall and Oates.” Coach Gabe

“Andrea has a great attitude and work ethic. Even when she is miserable and complaining about the WOD she never cherry picks workouts, she consistently shows up, and works hard every workout. Lately, I have been noticing her motivating others in class as well. Keep it up Andrea. We’re lucky to have you in our community.” Coach Ryan Burns

“Andrea is the ideal CFA athlete. She brings the perfect combination of dedication, tenacity, a thirst to improve her technique, humor and support of her fellow athletes. Her coachability is second only to her flexibility(#GumbyCantHoldACandle). Congrats Andrea!” Coach Dan Dupras

“She’s the bee’s knee’s” Coach Luis



January Athlete of the Month – Joe Posey


Congrats to our January Athlete of the Month Joe Posey! Great work!

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

 I was a swimmer in a masters swim program and one of my swim mates invited me to a crossfit workout.  This was two + years ago when I lived in Pittsburgh.  My first WOD was 50 box jumps, 40 wallballs, 30 Kettlebell Swings, 20 clapping pushups and 10 snatches.  The coach made me use a 14” box, 10 lb ball and a pvc pipe for the snatch – thank goodness.  I limped for a week but was hooked from this first workout and have been a crossfiter ever since. I joined CFA in June 2012 when I moved to Annapolis.  My first CFA workout was 5 rounds – run 400 -10 burpees and it was 97 degrees, brutal.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

I now buy custom suits – they are so sweet.  I am in the best shape of my life and stronger than ever.  And, I can squat more then my three daughters’ boyfriends.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

Pulling a sled with 3 45# plates while carrying 2 35# Kettlebells 800 yards (thanks Luis) and I must say, the Filthy Fifty on January 2 was an epic workout. Such group suffering is inspirational

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

The camaraderie, the coaching, the support, the group motivation, and the feeling of superiority, in every aspect, over non crossfitters.

 What goals are you working on?

Damn double unders (I am close)

Butterfly Pull Ups

Pistol Squats

300+ score on Fight Gone Bad

Clean and Jerk 185#

Squat 315#

What the Coaches are saying:

“Joe is always working hard to improve his weaknesses. He puts the time into strength class and it has been showing in his WODs. Keep killing it Joe.” Coach Ryan Burns

“Joe’s dedication shows. He constantly puts the work in on a regular basis and is running circles around these young guys. He also has all daughters so he better keep killing it at CFA!” Coach Josh

“Joe is a testament to what you can do if you commit to it. He works his butt off and has the ability to grow a stache that would make Sam Elliott blush!” Coach Walt

“Joe is such a beast in the gym.  Seeing him always strive to be better is truly inspiring as a coach.  No matter what may lay ahead, Joe tackles it head on without hesitation.  Truly worthy of the title athlete of the month!” Coach Luis

“Joe is a true pleasure to coach.  From giving it his all, to cheering on his fellow classmates, to entertaining everyone with his endless jokes and smile, Joe is a wonder part of our CFA family. Congrats Joe! Well deserved!”  Coach Shannon

December Athlete of the Month – Brittney Reker!!

brit 2

Congratulations to our December Athlete of the Month Brittney Reker!! All your hard work has paid off! We are all so proud of you!

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

I first got involved in CrossFit in 2010 with CrossFit Salt. I worked out with them for three months then I did CrossFit on my own for two years. I remember my first WOD was fight gone bad. It was horrible! I remember thinking CrossFit was crazy and I couldn’t handle it. I was determined to become good at it though. My first WOD at CFA was Helen and I did that with coach Bryant for my evaluation. That WOD was horrible too! But once I again I was determined to get back into shape.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since  starting at CFA?

I have improved tremendously since starting at CFA. I remember I had the hardest time doing wall balls but Coach Louis explained it to me a little different and it just clicked. My weight lifting numbers and cardio have improved a lot too. I was able to run a 10k in under an hour without ever running. It was all from what I did at CFA.  I can finally do a muscle up after three years of trying too.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

My favorite moment is when you have been trying to get a movement down for so long and then you finally get it. I was so excited when I was able to get some double unders consecutively and be able to do a muscle up. I have to thank Aileen for her amazing coaching skills, she helped me get my double unders.

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

My favorite part about being an athlete at CFA is getting to workout with other amazing athletes and coaches. I remember I was nervous about having to meeting new people but everyone is so friendly. CFA is like my second family.

What goals are you working on?

My goals right now are to be able to do 50 consecutive double unders. I also want to be able to do my body weight (130lbs) in the squat snatch.

What the Coaches are saying

“Brittney is a stellar athlete! She works so hard and certainly has her hard work pay off. We love having her at CFA and can’t wait to see the gains she continues to make. Keep it up Brittney! :)”  Coach Erin

“Day in and day out, Brittany always gives 100‰, and pushes others in the workout.. Seeing her strive to be her best like many others, it pushes me to try to be mine. Great job, Brittney!” Coach Luis

“Brittany has been consistent in putting in the hard work. She constantly seeks out guidance on form and technique, and always pushes herself towards a harder WOD. Her gymnastics skills are awesome to watch, as well. Pleasure to coach and work out alongside with!” Coach Josh

“Brittany is yet another example of a CFA athlete that puts her head down and gets to work regardless of what is thrown at her. It is a pleasure to coach her. I mean did anyone see her do pistols at the hopper; it was as if they pressed fast forward on her!”  Coach Walt

November Athlete of the Month – Joe Costa!

                                                                 Joe 2

Congrats to Joe on working so hard and achieving so much! We are all so proud of you!

How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that   feel? What did you think?

I had heard about CrossFit when I was stationed in Hawaii but I was always kind of skeptical.  I worked out at the traditional gym where my workout consisted of chest day, back day, leg day and my favorite arm day.  I used to measure my fitness by how much I could bench, squat, and curl.  When I moved to Maryland in 2011 I couldn’t find a gym in the area that I liked so I started doing P90X in my basement. After about 30 days of Tony Horton jokes I knew I needed a change.  I drove by CFA on a Sunday afternoon and decided to go in.  That’s when I met Coach Walt.  The first workout we did was a 10 minute AMRAP of running and kettle bell swings, after about 5 minutes I felt like I was going to die.  I always thought I was in pretty good shape until I started CrossFit.  CrossFit has been a very humbling experience.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

The most significant improvements I’ve seen are in my mobility, flexibility and overall core strength
What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?
What I like most about CFA is the camaraderie that the members and coaches have.  Everyone at CFA wants to see you perform at your best.  The coaches are always encouraging, positive and always push you beyond what you thought you were capable of.  I also like that the workouts are always new and challenging and that the goal of functional fitness has better prepared me for everyday life.
What goals are you working on? 
-Technique on Olympic lifts
-Double Unders
-Muscle Ups
What the Coaches are saying

“Joe, has been putting in the time and effort every since he walked through the garage doors. From working on the jerk to seeing him progress on all his lifts, it has been a pleasure see the strides he has made. A consummate work horse in the gym! CFA is better with Joe!”  Coach Walt

“Joe is an absolute beast and always goes 100% out the gate. Seeing him strive to be better at every facet of CrossFit  is motivating to me and as a result I always look forward to having him in class. Joe is a great example of what athlete of the month should be. Good work, Joe!!”  Coach Luis

“Joe is one of those people you look forward to seeing in classes.  He always comes in with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes. You can tell how focused he is just waiting to tackle the WOD.  Joe is great example of what CrossFit is all about; hard work, dedication, and community.  Congrats Joe!”  Coach Shannon

“Joe should basically be in the amateur strongman circuit. He’s built for it. He goes hard every class. He lets his hard work show every wod. Always a pleasure to have in class, he has fun and he gets it done.”  Coach Josh

October JUNIOR Athlete of the Month – Kate Olson


We are happy to announce that we are choosing one of our CrossFit kids athletes each month to be a Spotlight Junior Athlete of the Month!! And for the month of October, we have decided to choose KATE OLSON to be our October Junior athlete!!! Congratulations KATE! Kate always comes to CrossFit kids super excited and ready to work hard, you can just tell when you watch her during CrossFit kids that she has a passion for it and loves challenges! She always has a smile on her face before a workout and then turns into beast mode during the workout. Keep up the good work Kate! Here are some questions we asked Kate:

What do you love most about CrossFit kids?
I love that it’s fun and I get to play. It’s just fun! Everything is fun at CrossFit Kids.
What is your favorite skill and why?
Rope climb. I like it because we only do it once in a while and when we do, it’s fun. It builds your muscles and thats good too.
What is your favorite game?
Musical Med Ball, because Im good at it and it’s fun.
Do you think you have improved since you first joined CrossFit Kids?
Yes. I keep coming and the more you come, the better you get.
Tell us something unique about you?
My soccer coach challenged my team for juggling. He said if someone could juggle the ball 10 times in a row, he would buy us Ritas. And i did it!What Our Coaches Are Saying…

Kate is an incredibly hard worker. She is positive and encouraging. We are so proud to have her as a CFA Kid. Way to go, Kate! Keep up the great work!
- Coach Erin
Kate is a true joy to coach at CrossFit Kids! She is always smiling and working hard. Kate continues to impress me with her strength (her pull ups are amazing) great form and positive attitude! Keep up the great work Kate!!!
- Coach Tine
Kate is a Rockstar! She tries her hardest every single class.  She is also super tough!!  One great memory I have of her is when she tripped doing a box jump.  She hurt her leg but got right up and continued with the WOD.  Great job Kate!  Keep up the awesome work!
- Coach Snelson
Kate, you GO GIRL!  You always have a smile on your face when I see you and I love that!  You come to CrossFit Kids to work hard!!  And let me tell you it shows!!  You are one strong girl Kate!  You, my friend, are a great athlete to work with!  Keep working hard and never give up!!  I’m very proud of you!!!
- Coach Aileen

October Athlete of the Month – Tina Stevens!

photo 3   photo 2 (1)

Congrats to Tina! We are  all so proud of your hard work and dedication!

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

I first heard about Crossfit from a doctor that I work with. He was starting foundations and told me about the program. I was getting sick of going to the gym and doing the same routines over and over. I have always been a runner but was getting bored with that too. It sounded different and challenging so I signed up for foundations class. I was immediately hooked! Some of the workouts seemed impossible to finish, but I always did. It was very physical but also just as much mental. I pushed myself to do things that I never would have been able to do on my own without the support of the coaches and fellow classmates. I don’t remember my first WOD but I know that I did Murph fresh out of Foundations class. It’s such a tough WOD but one of my favorites! It’s been almost 3 years and I am never going back to “the gym.” I have always been a runner and relatively thin person, but I have seen many changes in my body since starting at CFA. I have more muscle tone and have been able to do movements that I have never been able to do before. I love the combination of cardio and strength that Crossfit gives you.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

Pull-ups! Probably because it is one movement I have been able to do since the beginning:)

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

The people and sense of community. I started at CFA almost at the very beginning and have met some really great people. I love that you can bring your kid, baby, or dog and how friendly everyone is. It’s great to see the same people year after year and it says a lot about CFA. It’s such a supportive and positive environment that you just can’t understand unless you’ve tried it. There is such a misconception out there about Crossfit and what people think it is. I try to set the record straight with anyone that I meet and get them to try to.

I have been to many other Crossfit facilities and am always reminded that we have THE BEST coaches and programming. They are all so helpful and knowledgeable. Especially during my pregnancy, and others that are and have been pregnant, they customize every workout to our needs. They provide a great balance between pushing the limits of what you think you can do, and keeping you safe and injury free. There are other CrossFits around but none compare to CFA!

What goals are you working on? 

Currently I am just trying to stay active and fit during the remainder of my pregnancy. I think Crossfit has helped me tremendously to stay in shape and healthy while pregnant. It gave me an hour/day break from “morning sickness’ at the beginning and has been such a stress relief. I hope to Crossfit as long as I can until I give birth and am already excited to come back after and get back to regular workouts!

What the Coaches are saying

“Tina is one of our CFA originals! It has been so amazing to see her progressions from when she first started off through even now as she continues to stay strong and healthy throughout her pregnancy. She is an absolute inspiration to me and many women for that very reason. Aside from her CrossFit growth accomplishments, she is fun, thoughtful, positive and truly someone I am honored to be around and call a friend. :) Keep it up, Tina, we love you!”  Coach Erin

“Tina is so much fun to coach almost every morning or afternoon.  She brings a unique touch to each class she is in.  Tina is always smiling, always laughing, and always working hard. It has been really impressive to watch her workout through her pregnancy.  Even at almost 8 months pregnant the girl is still doing pull-ups! Truly inspiring! Keep up the awesome work Tina! We are so happy to have you as part of our CFA Family!”  Coach Shannon

” It is always great to see Tina, she is a staple at the gym putting forth a great amount of effort and always keeps a smile on her face. She has continued to work hard throughout her pregnancy and motivates those around her.” Coach Walt

“Tina is a staple in the CrossFit Annapolis community. She has overcome many a obstacle while being at CFA since it’s inception and proven her doctors wrong all while doing it. She is an amazing athlete who continually leads by example…some may wonder if her example is best though ;-) Keep up the good work. ”  Coach Bryant

“Tina’s a CFA OG. She’s been putting in hard work over the years and has been showing up now more than ever…preggo! Awesome work, keep the motivation and drive, congratulations!” Coach Josh

” Tina is great to have in class! She never backs down from a challenge and I always have fun when she hangs with the 9AM crew. Awesome job, Tina!”  Coach Luis

September Athlete Of The Month – Gorden Harvey

Congrats to Gorden Harvey on being voted the Athlete of the Month for September!!

                                                             1039533_10151447608652721_1730790138_o              980555_10151401781027721_316187006_o

 How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think? 

I don’t remember how I found Crossfit, but I do remember looking at the website for months thinking I should give it a try.  I can’t really say why it took me so long to sign up for my intro, but I am certainly glad did! As I was doing my intro session, I remember thinking when are we going get to the bench press? curls? Well, that never happened. Instead, I realized just how bad my workout routine needed an intensity upgrade.  I think my initial workout took me about 14 minutes after which I wanted to throw up. I could hardly speak or move for at least 30 minutes after my workout. Thanks Coach Josh! When it took a few days to recover from my 14 minute workout, I knew CF Annapolis was for me! I signed up and have tried to go every day since!

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

Overall, I would say my physical and mental health are the best they have ever been.  Since starting at CFA in March I have lost approximately 15 pounds while gaining muscle mass. I have shaved 1:00 min off my average mile pace (Thanks Coach Shannon!) Crossfit has also helped me outside of the gym when dealing with the different challenges that life presents.

What is your favorite CrossFit moment?

I’d have to say my favorite Crossfit moment was getting my 1st bar muscle-up.  It’s also great to see other athletes achieve a new PR or complete a Tough WOD (Hotshots 19 comes to mind).

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

I enjoy the people at CFA.  Since joining CFA I have been to a number of other Crossfit gym locally and throughout the US, and none of them compare to CFA.  Be it our coaches pushing us everyday (Thanks Coach Luis!) or other athletes encouraging or giving helpful pointers (too many to mention) CFA is by far the best place for me!

What goals are you working on? 

  • Improving my Olympic Lifts
  • Double Unders
  • Getting my friends to give CFA a try!
What the Coaches are saying about Gordon:

“Gorden is one of those people who brings a smile to your face the moment they walk through the gym doors.  He is always pushing, always trying, always giving it his all.  Gordon has made so much remarkable progress since he started, and we are so fortunate to have him as part of our CFA family!”  Coach Shannon

“Gorden rarely misses a class even on days when he is tired and he would otherwise be able to cherry pick.  He’s always seeking to go the extra mile and work on his weaknesses to get that ever elusive Rx tag on Wodify.  He earns every REP and I am glad to be his Coach everyday !!” Coach Luis

“Gorden has been an awesome member to coach. During his foundations, he constantly pushed himself, asked questions, and always wanted the tougher option for WODs.  His transformation is obvious, now if we could only get him to beat his girlfriend’s times! Congrats bro, truly deserved!”  Coach Josh

August Athlete of the Month – Linda Bausum


We are so excited announce Linda Bausum as our Athlete of the Month! Great Job Linda! We are all so proud of you!!

 1.  How did you first get involved with Crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD- how did that feel? What did you think?

My daughter and her husband own a crossfit gym in Florida. She knows I like to work out and am usually up for something  different to do so she suggested I give it a try. I really can’t remember much about the first Wod. I know I was pretty nervous about doing it.  I think it was a 400 meter run, pull ups kettle bell swings and another 400 meter run. I think I finished last, but I finished it and thought I was going to pass out. I’m still here and really like doing it.

2. What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA?

The changes I see in myself are more mental than physical. I have more confidence in myself and am more willing to try things that I wouldn’t have tried in the past. I am getting stronger but I am still a little afraid of adding weight to my work outs. Being an older athlete, I am afraid of hurting myself and not be able to work out at all. I am trying to do better with that.
3. What is your favorite CrossFit moment?
My favorite crossfit moment  was when I was able to box jump on 4 20 pound weights. I started out on 2 and was scared to increase it  Another member convinced me to try 3 and then 4 and was surprised to to see that I didn’t fall  on my face.
4. What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?
I like how both the coaches and other athletes support and cheer you on no matter what your fitness level. I was so used to doing training on my own. Its really a good feeling to have someone tell you you are doing a good job and encouraging to do better
5. What goals are you working on?
Master double unders
Improve my snatch form
Try not to be so hard on myself.
Work Harder!!
What the Coaches are saying
“Linda is so determined and hard working its inspirational!  She  always gets her workout in no matter how tough, and she kicks its butt! We love seeing her make the gains she has each week.  She makes CFA special and we are so proud of her!”
- Coach Erin
 “Its been incredible to see how much progress Linda has made! She never says no to any challenge and is always looking for ways to destroy each workout.  Linda is so much fun to coach and brings a unique inspiring vibe to each class she attends.”
- Coach Shannon
“You can generally see Linda killing it in WODs in the back left hand corner of the gym – You can’t hide from me LINDA!  She is always striving to perfect her form and push herself to the limits.  Don’t let her quiet disposition fool you…she is a BEAST.  Continuing doing what you are doing and you’ll be lifting more weights, doing Pull-Ups and Double Unders with ease”
- Coach Bryant
Great Job Linda! Keep up the amazing work!!