Are YOU living a Life By Design?


Unfortunately, in my opinion, atleast ninety percent of the people that are reading this blog currently have no idea how good their body is designed to feel or what it is truly capable of.

True health is so much more  than being symptom free, and I believe everyone is capable of performing at an exceptional level given the correct guidance, support, and action steps.

I am here to give you that.

I hope that by working with me, you are able to seize life (and your WOD’s) by the scruff of the neck and shaking everything out of it you can.

You see, here’s the thing…

For the past 50 years, human beings have been getting sicker and sicker, despite the fact we:

  1. Spend more money on ‘health’ care
  2. Have more doctors
  3. More technology
  4. And more drug prescriptions than ever before in human history…

My mission at TruCentered Chiropractic Care is to change that, and also allow you to perform as the best athlete you can, and experience life to it’s fullest potential.

For you, ‘fullest potential’ may mean…

  • Being able to do a pull-up
  • Being more productive at work
  • Doing 10 muscle-ups in a row
  • Sprinting to a PR
  • Getting to the CrossFit Games
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Having enough energy to play with your kids or walk the dog each day.

Everyone is different.

This is why, as an integrated part of Chiropractic care  and Life By Design, I also give you the things your body requires to perform at it’s best.

Life By Design – Welcome to the New World of Healthcare

In order for you to enjoy your greatest potential, your body has critical requirements for health.

While crisis and medical care is an absolutely crucial necessity in our world and saves countless lives every day, it does NOT create health.  Life By Design is based on the principle that:

  1. You are designed to be extra-ordinary! Your body is incredibly intelligent, and is constantly driving toward health by making adaptations in response to its environment.
  2. Your body has fundamental requirements it needs to function at it’s best.  Just like a plant has certain requirements for life such as water, sunlight, and oxygen; human beings have requirements too!  These include
    1. Nutrients/Fuel
    2. Rest
    3. Movement
    4. A Healthy Mind
    5. A clear nerve supply

Very few people actively provide their body with these critical requirements for LIFE, so is it any surprise we are so sick?

While drugs, surgery and medical care are vital in times of crisis, they are rendered useless and a waste of time if you do not provide your body with what it fundamentally needs for life.

Why does Life By Design work so well for CrossFitters?

CrossFitters make up the vast majority of my practice members at TruCentered Chiropractic Care, and as time goes on, this is only going to continue to increase.

CrossFitters are a completely new breed of athlete.

You see, the ‘old world’ athlete is often times much more symptom or injury based.  They will typically come to me in reaction to a problem and ask me to ‘fix’ them or make them feel better as quickly as I can.

That’s it.

Most have no interest in utilizing their body to it’s fullest potential, other than masking symptoms.

The CrossFit athlete is different.  You are all about being optimal.  Performing at your best.  Being better than yesterday.

As part of Life By Design, I recommend high intensity functional movements as part of my ‘Move by Design’ program.  This is satisfied perfectly by CrossFit, which is why I recommend all my practice members join a box if they haven’t already.

…But I think you can see there is much more to it than that.

Just like everyone here at Life By Design, CrossFitters understand better than anyone that optimal health and performance is not achieved using quick-fix approaches.

CrossFit is also a high intensity, often stressful sport.  You, as a CrossFitter, are always trying to break barriers, push boundaries and reach your full potential as an athlete.

This requires stressing your body significantly more than most other athletes.

The biggest difference is that you want to sustain this performance for LIFE.

As a result, you need more than anyone to look after your body for a proactive point of view.

NOT preventative,

NOT symptomatic,


You need to learn to create health.

There is a ton of information out there for CrossFitters designed to help you reach your goals as an athlete.

But here is what is happening…

On the path of breaking barriers, smashing PR’s and going balls to the wall in their workouts, many CrossFitters forget how important it is to PRO-actively take care of their bodies.

The result?

…I am seeing escalating levels of adrenal fatigue, inability to break plateaus, and increased injury.  This is because too many athletes are not giving their body what it fundamentally REQUIRES to adapt to these stressors.

Which is why I am writing this TODAY…AND in addition, if you would like, I’ll teach you a few things that might be a bit different.


551601_360390614018816_1396131812_nIf you are interested, you can email Dr. B aka Coach Bryant at to schedule your appointment.

*adapted from CrossFitters Performance Kit by Dr. Ellie Stockley of Life Chiropractic Studio.

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