April Spotlight Athlete – Kristen Parker

A big congratulations to Kristen Parker for being the April Spotlight Athlete. Learn more about her CFA journey. Keep up the awesome work, KP! :)


How did you first get involved with CrossFit?  Take us back to your first WOD – how did that feel?   What did you think?

When I moved to Annapolis I tested out a bunch of different gyms but ultimately chose CrossFit Annapolis because I wanted the group atmosphere.  I didn’t think a regular gym could provide the motivation or the challenge I needed and I wanted the social aspect of working out in a group.  I had heard of CrossFit before but wasn’t really sure what it was. My foundations class was awesome, not too big, not too small…just the right mix to get me addicted.

I don’t think I can remember my very first WOD but I was probably scared, it was most likely difficult and I probably came in last but was excited I finished.  That’s pretty much how my first year went with scared/intimidated being the most consistent aspect followed by relief when it was over.       

What changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting at CFA? 

WOW, I have seen so many changes it’s hard to describe.  I’ve become more toned, I can lift more than I thought possible and my eating habits are much better.  It took a bit longer for me to change the way I ate but once I started eating real food and adding in fruits and vegetables regularly I noticed the most significant changes in my body and health.  As far as overall fitness I think it’s increased exponentially…the WODs aren’t as intimidating now because I know they won’t kill me and I’m figuring out how to push myself more.


What is your favorite CrossFit moment? 

Shoe Changes?  Just kidding…I think it’s when everything clicks for either me or someone else at the gym…when you finally “get” whatever you’ve been working on…when it all makes sense and you figure it out.  I have never been athletic so for me, gaining the confidence to do a specific lift or workout and know that I’m not completely failing is pretty exciting. 

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at CFA?

I think I enjoy the community and the encouragement the most.  There’s something special about CFA that allows you to become a better person and transform into an athlete all at the same time.

What goals are you working on?

I want to learn to link my kipping pull-ups, do real double-unders, squat lower and work on my form for all of my lifts.


What the coaches are saying:

“Kristen is so much fun to have in class! I have been so amazed watching her transform into a great athlete. I remember coaching her in Foundations and she showed so much dedication from the beginning which has absolutely paid off. She is determined and puts in the ‘work’ to see the ‘result’. Her energy is contagious and CFA wouldn’t be the same without her. Thank you so much, KP, and keep working hard! :)”
- Coach EK


“From the onset of her time here at CFA, Kristen continually works to improve on her movements, especially her coveted pull ups. She’s always asking questions, and she’s always putting in the work, and I’ve seen her strength numbers go up and her metcon times go down. As with all of our athletes, she’s constantly smiling and cracking  jokes, moreover, she likes to bake – this is why she is never allowed to leave.”
- Coach Josh


“Kristen brings a vibe and energy to every class she comes to. With her pink get up (shirts, shoes, jump rope, everything) it’s easy to spot her in class. What also makes her easy to spot is her strength. She continues to set goals and accomplishes them. As Josh said, she bakes and bakes well so yeah, she’s stuck with us for a while. Great job, Kristen!!”
-Coach Lu


  1. “Shoe Changes” ?! Really?! haha congrats girl!

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